Do you believe in Ghosts?? A Ghost Squad update

The infamous Ghost Squad has been lingering around the highways and streets of Cape Town for a little bit more than four months now and we thought that we’d give you a little bit of an update on how things were going.

As a bit of a background, the Ghost Squad currently consists of a selection of 22 highly trained (apparently) officers who make use of a number of unmarked Golf 5 and now very recently six new Golf 6 (I know, amazing that we don’t have free healthcare or education but can afford high performance cars for traffic police in Cape Town) Gti’s and Honda motorcycles to keep an eye out for those drivers that feel the need to infringe on the law while out on our roads.

The idea is that by driving around in unmarked cars they’re more likely to “catch” you doing something naughty and illegal like speaking on your cell phone without a hands-free kit. All of the cars have been fitted with hidden blue lights, which you are only likely to notice when it’s a little bit too late.

As someone who is “in touch” with the underground culture of car modification, I have heard mixed reports on whether this crew of glorified traffic officers have been a help or one massive irritation. For example- I think its fantastic when they bust an unsuspecting taxi that’s using a monkey-wrench instead of a steering wheel and cutting across four different lanes in the middle of peak hour traffic.

However, I think it really sucks when they target guys and girls who take pride in their car and enjoy pimping it out with some lowered suspension (which in most cases actually makes your handling better, thus safer for you and those around you). There have been frequent cases of drivers of modified vehicles being penalised for things such as lowered suspensions and loud exhausts. According to Chief Inspector Merle Lourens, media liaison for City Traffic Services there are specific circumstances under which these penalties are issued-

“There is no official measurement in centimetres [of the gap between tyre and arch]” SAY WHAT??? “; however, if the steering is turned at full lock and the wheel knocks up against the body, then it is of the opinion of the officer that it’s too low. Some motorists actually cut the springs in order to make it lower thereby interfering with the normal mechanisms. Sometimes one can’t even get a finger between the body and the wheel.” In my opinion this is fairly offside as it leaves the ball firmly in the court of our friendly officers, if they’re having a bad day and decide that your car is too low then hard luck, CONSISTENCY please guys!!!

So as a passing word of advice, if you see a white Golf 5 GTI or a red, black, silver or white Golf 6 GTI behind or next door to you… BEHAVE, or bear the consequences of the Ghost Squad.

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