Do Women Prefer Guys With Dadbods or Muscles?


Someone who has what is referred to as a “dadbod” generally heads to the gym once or twice a week, but still likes to chug a few beers and nail a couple of pizzas. With the apparent rise in the desire for guys with a manbod, the Daily Mail decided to check out whether manboobs and flabby stomachs were the stuff of fantasy for London women.

Dating expert, Hayley Quinn, took to the streets with three topless men, two with ‘normal’ bodies, dubbed ‘dad bods’, and one ripped model, to find out what women found sexy.
To conduct the social experiment the dating pro teamed up with fitness model, WBFF pro and personal trainer, Jamie Alderton, 29, and two ‘normal’ volunteers, Dan Colbert, 30, who has the more typical dadbod and Peter Soberaj, 29, who is tall and skinny.

While most people did think that the muscled guy was someone they’d love to spend some time with, a fair portion thought that he was too dak, preferring the other more “normal” looking guys. See? There’s hope for us all.

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