Do all girls have game?

I was involved in a rather interesting bit of conversation recently that involved a view that mooiness from time to time have periods (ok maybe poor choice of words)- phases, of their dating life where their game is reduced. Some of these mooiness might even say that during these lean periods, I mean chapters of their life, they have no game at all. This is where I had to get all intellectual and disagree. Don’t all girls have game?

One thing that you learn over time as a guy is that girls like and talk about sex just as much as you and your mates- it’s the truth. Unfortunately, society dictates that unless you are a cast member of Sex and the City Girls talking about sex and how you managed suck the juices right out of the metaphorical orange just gets you labelled as a bit of slut or really good girlfriend (it’s all relative). Most women would think they’d like to exist in a society where men and women treated exactly the same, but there is a fundamental flaw with this reasoning… Men and women ARE different.

A man that “has game” could be described as someone who has the skill to penetrate the forcefield of the Deathstar and the Deathstar’s entire fleet of spaceships, possibly all in one night. This is normally rather admired by other guys and several high 5’s and beers usually accompany the mild man-crushing taking place post orgy. Now if we did have to evaluate women on the same scale, a mooiness who managed to swoop/pickup a guy, or number of guys in one night should be given the same level of admiration by women (and men alike) right? Well. No. You see girls don’t “pick up” guys. Not once. Not ever. You disagree? Well consider the following.

Mooiness, let the hazy mist of Isidingo evening tv flashback woft over you and picture this… You’re hanging out in the city’s hottest nighttime spot and you’re looking pretty tasty in the outfit you’ve been planning since Monday. You check an ou that’s right up your alley (*cough*) and looks to be single. You walk up, engage in some light chit chat about how boring clubs are sometimes and find out that he’s a pretty cool dude to talk to as well. Then as an added bonus, he seems quite keen on you and your face too. You give it a couple of minutes and then ask him if he’d like to come home with you for some sex… not love making, just good a good old fuck.

Now for the guys reading this… Feel free to run through the same scenario.

Same results? Not a damn. There is no SINGLE straight guy that would say no to trip down to Poundtown Central City with a woman that doesnt look like a Wookie- and if he did, he would be disowned by all men everywhere and forced to eat salads, watch Style Network and not touch the braai during Summer. It really is unbelievably more difficult for guys to score with mooiness. As it was in the beginning of time men compete for a woman’s favour or favours (wink wink) and right in the end the female gets to choose the one she wants- that’s how it is… with all animals. So you can’t tell me that girls have slumps in game… In my opinion they’re consistently operating at a very high Mike Lawry from Badboys 1 level of game. And that’s like the freakin maximum.

I have no doubt that it is difficult sifting through the pools of douches before finding a decent partner who you’d like to have around short term or long term as a mooiness but that’s a whole different thing. Having game means getting sex, dates and awesome interactions with boys that leave you feeling sexually & holistically fulfilled by penis. – and as far as I’m concerned you girls are winning this war, panties hands down.

Bynight out

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      1. Glad you enjoyed it Ashley 🙂 I expect to hear you saying that to randoms in thr streets from now on…

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