Do A Little Good with Rocking the Daisies

It is that time of the year where you pack a tent, make your way to Darling and enjoy four days of music, sun, friends and late nights: Rocking the Daisies is finally here!

Selling out almost immediately, this is where you need to be the first weekend of October. But how about you do a little good with your fantastic weekend away? Rocking the Daisies has once again teamed up with the DoGood Campaign to launch #DaisiesSpringClean.

This will be their third addition, and with the help of all you festivalgoers, the goal increases every year! So what do they do? A non-profit organisation based in Cape Town, spreading the ‘do good, feel good’ ethos across Africa. Each individual’s act of selflessness – no matter how small – can contribute towards a much larger change in the world we live in. They make giving back a little easier, keeping it as simple, straightforward, fun and upbeat as possible by activating, promoting and supporting good deeds of all kinds.

Launching the #DaisiesSpringClean in 2015, raising over 2,500 items of clothing, and beating that goal in 2016 with over 5,000 clothing items, this year the DoGooder’s are asking for your helping hand to double last years efforts: 10,000 items of clothing.

These items of clothing went to wonderful communities and organisations like Youth Solutions Africa, The Haven Night Shelter, Upcycle, Street Store and more. This year they are looking to help various organisations from the Darling community, donating to schools, hospitals and shelters as well as Youth Solutions Africa.

So this is where you come in: donate one item of clothing (or more) to the campaign and help them reach their goal! If each festivalgoer donates a single item, you can help raise 26,000 items of clothing, and help someone in need! Imagine just how much good that will do!

So there are three ways and ‘drop off’ locations to making this goal come true:

  1.  Bring your item of clothing to the Wristband Pre-Collection tomorrow!
    This year it will be taking place on Saturday, 30th of September at The Honeybadger, Longmarket Street, (91 Loop Boutique Hostel, CPT) from 10AM until 10PM.
  2. Bring your items to the event:

Thursday from 8AM – 8PM
Friday from 8AM – 8PM
Saturday from 8AM – 12h30PM
Sunday from 10AM – 1PM

They will be activating at the front gates – look out for their blue and white DO GOOD branded gazebo. And if you are lucky, there might be a surprise for those who donate…

  1. Post-Event: They will confirm a location for post-event drop off post Rocking the Daisies.

To find out more, and do your part go to

As this festival grows, so does the donation goal! Help the DoGooder’s achieve this goal. If every person does a little bit of good, a lot can change, be it one item of clothing, picking up litter, a hug, a smile or a can of food, this world could look a lot different. Multiplying simple acts of kindness can exponentially change our society.

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