DMX freaks out on a ride – doesn’t know there’s a camera filming him

dmx freaks out on ride

Lets all take a moment to step back and recall that this is the very same guy that sang the Ruff Ryders Anthem and was most recently spotted riding the Sling Shot in Orlando and screaming like a little girl (not knowing there was a camera filming everything).

The footage dropped on TMZ and DMX is shown strapped into the ride and freaking out about how scary the ride was while alongside a New York local. It’s really great stuff because after he’s done being a little bit of a wuss, he realises that there’s a camera filming the whole thing and promptly returns to being the badass street thug that we all know and love him for.

“We did that! We did that! We gotta have a stone cold ice face. Ice grill … like we wasn’t scared!”

– rattled off DMX after the ride

Aaah… gotta love this guy.

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