DJ GiNjA – 5FM Ultimix – May 2013 Electro Dutch House Mix

dj ginja

Today’s mix is one of those one’s that pretty much polarizes audiences – either Electro/Dutch House is something you absolutely love or loathe more than anything. It’s a big sound that has been destroying dancefloors across Europe for a good while and this mix is one that we played LOUD in the MCBN HQ.

The mix comes from Matthew ‘GiNjA’ Deacon, who got involved in DJing when he and some of his mates hosted the first dubstep club event in the Northern suburbs in early 2010 at Café V, Edward Street. However, as we all know, dubstep is the Devil’s music meaning that not very many clubs were too keen on hearing him play, so he started playing at commercial venues, such as Stones Durbanville and Edward Street to keep in the game. Since then he has had multiple mixes played on Assembly Radio, Zone Radio and this past weekend an Ultimix on 5FM as well as playing at The Assembly, Springboks Stellenbosch and Carnival Courts, Long Street. The music genre that he’s settled on is best described as a mix of electro and dutch house, while he enjoys switching it up and throwing elements of dubstep, hardstyle, moobahton, progressive, trance and even deep house into his sets.

You can find GiNjA on Facebook at, or give him a follow on twitter at and listen to all his mixes on his Soundcloud page at

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