DJ Fresh at the Fez this Thursday

When it comes to partying MyCityByNight has become accustomed to a certain standard… and let me tell you, it’s a rather high standard at that. So when the Thursday night Fez crew gave us a shout to see if we’d be interested in putting together a little something awesome ahead of tomorrow night’s pre Heritage Day celebration we started rubbing our grubby little paws together in excitement!!

As all of you are well aware, MyCityByNight loves the Fez!! We’ve honestly lost count of all the nights that we’ve spent there getting totally hedonistic and debaucherous. We’ve been treated to some of the craziest live shows ever seen in clubs that aren’t in Ibiza themselves (if you don’t believe us- go check out our Youtube below) and this time is going to be no different.

In typical Fez fashion, the guys have cooked up a pretty awesome party ahead of this year’s Heritage Day celebration on Friday. One of the South African music industry greats and Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange custodian- Dj Fresh will be joining the likes of the fire-breathers, dancing pussy cats and all of you folk who manage to get in on the night for a party to remember.

Thankful for our constant support and donated paycheques they’ve allowed us to run a pretty crazy competition for Dj Fresh at the Fez this Thursday.

To meet our very high standards the Fez has offered MyCityByNight the “red light table” at the centre of all the booths right in front of the Vaudeville stage- for an uninterrupted view of the night’s festivities- yup that’s how we role, booth styles…Normally retailing for around 5k on the night we’re allowing 6 of the MyCityByNight Late Night Alumni to join us for a wicked night out (we love you guys that much). We also have 20 complimentary tickets to giveaway, which entitle you to paying a reduced entry on the night and give you assurance that you’ll get in to the hottest jol in Cape Town for the night- trust me there WILL be a queue right around the block.

Bearing in mind that all forms of guestlists for this event have already closed, we think that this is a fairly awesome prize to giveaway.

So what do you have to do???

Leave a comment of this post telling us why MyCityByNight rocks and why you deserve to come party it up with the MCBN crew and Dj Fresh at the Fez tomorrow night. Best 8 entries get the table spot, while the other 20 go to the rest of the peeps that have entered. Time is of the essence with this one- winners will be announced tomorrow afternoon on the site.

Self promotion for the win!!!


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  1. Obviously MCBN rocks for this ‘fairly’ awesome competition. I mean let’s not kid around, this is an indescribably cool prize. Why do I deserve to win? Because my boyfriend just dumped me, and I need some DJ Fresh in my life to cheer me up 🙂 Oh, and also because I can party like a rockstar 🙂

  2. Gerald will drop an AWSOME comment a little later. But MCBN u know u want the me there. 😉

  3. Olla & Bonjour

    So let’s be honest, I’m about a pizza away from attempted bribery outside Fez’s doors. Yet somehow, I doubt that’s what’s going to do the trick. Those little red hat wearing bouncers, well I don’t really take them as the typical Ham & Pineapple type.

    You guys spoke about being accustomed to a certain standard. A high standard is where I would place both the MCBN crew as well as the Fez. A standard I have personally grown to love and a standard I don’t want to venture below.

    Fez you beauty you. You guys have taken the concept of clubbing and introduced an essence of true entertainment. From the clubs elaborate décor to the occasional mermaid/ tequila pourer seen soaring through the clubs dance floor… you will always find me dancing madly to the beats of the drums.

    Beyond it being my friend Chris’s 25th birthday celebration, I simply would love to bring along my good old canon friend and document what promises to be one of those legendary nights…

    The Fez Ninja. x

  4. Why does MCBN rock? You guys always provide relevant up to date information on current events happenings, and some other strange information that the little hamster in Rickys head comes up with (glad to see the hamster is still in your head and not someplace else; minus its claws) So thank you MCBN for keeping me in the know! You always have a lekker competition running (no shit) and that keeps the peeps coming back for more! So keep it up. The site is looking great.

    Why do i want to sit at a table with Kreg and Ricky? Purely because i want to see if the colour of Kregs hair matches the redness of the fabic used to cover the benches. And so that i can give Ricky a boost into the booth. They are quite high you know. 🙂

    Nice one Boys.

  5. MCBN rocks because they're about to give me a ringside seat to a SICK jol at Fez that I really wanna go to but quite honestly can't be bothered waiting 3 days in a line for only to be told that I need to take out a bond just to get in!!
    and the reason they're going to give me this ticket is firstly because I have a business proposition for them that will soon grant them much wealth (details to be explained over a nice glass of vodka at our exclusive table). secondly because I am a fucking cool oke to chill with and talk shit. thirdly because I will no doubt attract some fine young ladies to the aformentioned table and fourthly because if you don't i'm gonna hunt all your mutha fuckers down and KILL you!!! i'm joking about the last one… but seriously, you never know……….
    THANKS!!! you okes are the BEST.. sweet, where we pre-drinking? do i have to wear a collar these days? fuck that, we're VIP dog!! we'll tell them to take their collars off!! i really appreciate it.. thanks, thank you, thank…

  6. I'll tell you why MCBN rocks, it's because it is run by some of my favourite guys ever, living their dream of making an incredible webiste and they do it so well! MCBN has everything I could want from a blogspot deidcated to Cape Town, and it's no holds barred – you guys give updates about everything! Also, you have competitions all the time that are easy to enter like this one – Can't fault a blog that always has competitions running. Proud of you guys, especially you Kreg. Dig this so much more than that oke who promises to wear a pink g-string if he wins blog of the year [no names mentioned]…thats old hat and you guys are fresh and new. Love it.
    I deserve to party it up with you guys tomorrow night because I love Fez, and I love you guys. What could be a better combination? Also, i handed in my Final year law thesis last friday and have not been able to celebrate it yet, So thursday would be the night!

    You know i deserve it! 🙂

  7. MCBN – this is the best cape town blog in my opinion.
    I hate a queue and i finish my
    third last final university exam tomorrow night,
    And the only place i wanna be is Fez.
    And i love Fez.
    And i want to be celebrating.
    Best updates for what is going down in Cape Town.
    And i Love Kreg too [yes i'm a suc

    k up]
    And I finish my exam at 9pm so i do not have time to wait in a queue.
    And i want maximum time jolling.
    And it will be the biggest downer in the world to wait in THAt queue.
    SO thanks, you guys already know you're going to give it to me.
    DO IT.
    thanks legends.

  8. I voted for MCBN in the 2010 SA Blog Awards…!! How many of the other people who commented did that..!? You guys should be collecting an award on Saturday!!

    And, I'm not allowed to drink alcohol, and I still close the doors at Fez every Thursday!! Doesn't that tell you something…!?

    It does – Fez is a well sic jam!! And I'm keen to add to the jam tomorrow night!!!


  9. Winston Churchill once said:

    “Some men change their party for the sake of their principles; others their principles for the sake of their party.” 🙂

    In my case I'll do ANYTHING for the sake of the party!! MCBN understands the principles of partying and these principles are something that I am willing to defend until my death. Principles like: great music, awesome clubs (FEZ), delicious drinks and partying until the early hours of the morning with a great bunch of mates are definitely principles that are worth defending.

    MCBN I believe n your cause and I will make the best of this wonderful Fez experience.

    On with the dance! let joy be unconfined;

    No sleep till morn, when Youth and Pleasure meet

    To chase the glowing hours with flying feet.

    ~George Gordon Byron, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage

    Hell yeah, lets get hectic.



    P.S. There's no such thing as good girls gone wrong, only bad girls found out.

  10. For the last three weeks my life has been comprehensively devoted to one task, and that is finishing my thesis. I would wake up at 7, work till 11, I wouldn't change out of my dressing gown, my hair was unkempt, I had a beard and the floor of my room was carpeted in dirty clothes. I literally almost lost my mind. And what was most unbearable was that each week I would check out all the awesome things happening around cape town on MCBN that I was missing out on.

    well finally today, after analysing 15 hours if interviews and writing 17000 words, I finally handed in my thesis. I've cleaned my room, shaved, cut my hair and got my life in order. now all that is left to do is to go wild at a sick party, and by checking MCBN I knew that the only place I wanted to be was at The Fez dancing to DJ Fresh.

    So please MCBN, do me a favour and give me a ticket or two. if you knew what I went through to finish that damn thing you would know that no one deserves them more than me.

    thanks MCBN, keep up the good work.

  11. Hi it is me again…

    Why should I come, well u say y'all use to hi standards, and so forth and in the booth I have been witnessed and partaken I having HIGH standards attained which my leads us to above the clouds and michael jackson serving us with a cold sweat… Plus mcbn 'rocks' (standard requisite) but I just want to say seeing mcbn grow from the start into what is now makes me proud and brings a tear to my eye, that is that two normal party animals can create a world of magic that we all can indulge in even thou our bed times have become earlier, and makes me believe anything is possible, mcbn hhas taught me to live and fuck the bullshit. Btw if u guys choose me I'll make sure we don't land up in a differnt booth's office which a bit pricey compared to tonight's booth 🙂 see u at the table.

  12. HAHAHAH…

    If I could write MCBN a song,
    and make you fall in love with me,

    Im going to pull out all my tricks,
    I hope that you like this.
    cos MCBN is cooler than me.

    you got designer shades,
    and you wear them around specailly on Sapphire Sundays
    and you always say hey,
    and remember my name.
    its probably cuz,
    MCBN is the coolest.

    you got your hot crowd,
    shoes on your feet,
    and you wear them around,
    like they ain’t shit. (HanSolo’s..hehehe)

    My part why i deserve to be there tonight..

    see I got you,
    all figured out,
    i need some designer shades and a cool blog like yours
    and 1430 facebook followers…

    so i kinda just wrote you a song, might not all rhyme or make to much sence
    and hopefully now you have fall in love with me (enough to get me on to yur Fez glist tonight),
    I used all my tricks, with some help from Mike Posner (song playing on the radio)
    I hope that you like this.

    xxx MCBN LOVE

  13. haha you see onaj knows the ways!! when it comes to "high standards" i'm not sure all of these people actually understand just how high the MCBN standards are. for all you people who don't already know, caving it out or something, mycitybynight rocks!! however it won't be my 1st time in the booth, with michael bringing me bottles, the mcbn crew, some mooiness and maybe a sneaky sprinkle or 2;) so even if just to maintain those "high standards" bring mr H along, it's the right thing to do:) oh and did i mention SPRINKLES haha

  14. That's right MR H, but no sprinkle twinkle in my eyes, I think they will need some to roll with thou…

  15. the chick who digs JUSTIN BIEBER is officially NOT ALLOWED to win anything EVER!! MCBN has just put out a press release to let the whole world know… shame on you tamzeeen!

  16. last time i was at fez with mcbn i got knocked onto the street by

    some mma bouncer and went straight back inside to klap it boet.

    table spot – done! and we all know the chosen gets a plus1 😉

  17. I deserve a spot at the table because: Firstly in full Stallone gear i walked all the way from Jozi to rock with the MCBN stars. i did this for the the same reason that MCBN is the beeeest; MCBN is always rocking the hottest parties (making sure the greatest party animals are there with free entrance;)) and partying with the MCBN crew always results in the most insane night! Im ready to cooook tonight! leleleleleleeeeee

  18. MCBN, do what is right,

    give be some tickets so I can delight.

    Your website is sick,

    you know the trick.

    You find all the parties that are going to kick.

    So tonight let me dance,

    you can see at a glance

    that the Fez is the best spot,

    and DJ fresh is so hot.

    Please give me a chance.

  19. When it comes to sites telling you what to do, and when the best time to do it, one has come accustomed to the same promotional propaganda that produces experiences that are well below par and a feeling of utter disappointment. But alas we always seem to find ourselves slaves to the very source that gives us that disillusionment. I have to admit that it is fairly recently that my sights were drawn and focused upon this site, but the wait and time lag before this discovery has only drawn me to one conclusion. What the hell have I been doing all this time?

    This site is brilliant and has provided me with the tools necessary to equip me for party success. I’m not going to lie, I love the over indulgence of the jol. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than to squeak some tacky on the dance floor and party till the sun comes up. This site has definitely done the trick with on the money comments and reviews and must I add awesome comps. MCBN upholds the standards that any self respecting, seasoned and avid party person would call his moral standards of living.

  20. scott you bloody agent hahahah – we all no secrelty that Kreg has things for Bieber and Loncville and that Tamzeeeen is his excuse to get to hear them..

  21. MyCityByNight, you guys are the most hectic party animals in Cape Town.

    The way that I see it, you guys need me as much as I need you.

    You see I'm a Dr and people aren't going to be able to handle those killer beats that DJ Fresh is going to be throwing out on the floor at the Fez tonight.

    It's going to be a case of awesome party-induced psychosis. And since MCBN is going to be responsible for bringing people out to the party, you don't want to be held liable for thousands of people losing their minds.

    If you give me a ticket I promise to look after these people (assuming I'm not one of them).

  22. HAHA!!! i thought this was gonna be hard but everyone else entries suck!!! hahahahaha…

    "oh i finished a thesis" "it's my third last exam" "it's my friends birthday" "MCBN is such a nice blog" "i voted for you" "Kreg is my hero" [vomit vomit vomit!!]

    I WIN!! YEEEEAAAAHHHHHSSSSSSS!!! where should i meet you guys?? or would you rather be deaded?!?!?

    oh and give me shoes as well.. NOW!!

  23. Ok so Being an avid MCBN fan, "voter" and contributor. I would love a bit of Fez love for this mystical pre- braai day jol!

    Considering we will all be Braaing tomorrow, I would love nothing more than a solid hang over that requires vast amounts of food to help set me straight. (it is after all the South African way.)

    MCBN rocks for going "Original" with their latest give away, (Han Solo here i come)

    You guys keep me informed and entertained all day long whilst i face the drudgery of the 9-5.

    So lets get loose, private booth, Vodka induced VIP styles!


  24. Hey MCBN

    You all know i have been your biggest fan since day one. I love your blog and and voted for you four times every day in the blog awards.

    Partying with me is always amazing and tonite is to be no different.

    oh and dj fresh, my favourite after justin bieber and locnville is playing tonight so please let me come have some fun with you later

    (never been on a thursday before too) !!!

  25. Yo MCBN, I need to party tonight! You guys are the party website, you're the awesomazing page. And you know the important shit like parties and winning stuff. just like beer, you flow. and i need to Fezzle, flying from ceilings, thats crazy shit.keep up the work on this site guys

  26. fez+fresh+friends = great story to tell everyone at the braai the next day:)

  27. Where to begin. The MCBN crew and why I love them!

    I knew both Kreg and Ricky from the school, however this was not where I learnt to like and eventually love them. It was when we, through alchohol, started partying together!

    Kreg and I have had a few screams on the town and in the bush. Kreg always managing to cause a 'fire' on the dancefloor and then just take it over with his magical techno viking styles. This is when you will find me following behind, buffering, and feeding him water so that he might further please the gods with his dance styles. Kreg much love.

    My first nightlife encounter with Ricky was way back when we were just going through puberty, well I had and thought he was – due to his height. But thats neither here nor there. I laid eyes apon this magical little boy child dressed in almost bell bottomy jeans, dark sunglasses, and a black fishnet vest. This was the days when a small tub of tiger balm would feed the dance floor and eventually find its way back into your hands. Ricky was a dancer for Lisa Lashes – elevated above the all us pleeps in the crowd. I think this might have been the night whee he trade marked the dance move 'rowing the boat' (which I might add has gone around the world).

    Anyway I spent that night in awe of this little fellow. He was favourite person to have around on every expedition to Mount Rushmore. He was mystical. If only he would allow those feet to get dirty he would cause chaos at Trance Parties. Yhink about it Ricky, you could just use yopur tissues in your gold plated tissue box in the back of your car. Haha.

    Anyway give me the entrance and we will continue to make memories like those ones passed.

    Much love MCBN


  28. MCBN is my life because they all hotties with a body, their site is insanely cool and entertaining. gosh i dont know you just rock my world. and i agree scott the others are just lame love letters and to like justin bieber. its outrageous! this is the real deal. true love! hope to see u guys later! 🙂

  29. Apologies to Stacky for no mention above. But stories involving you are too dirty to be mentioned on public/social media. These new scholl kids wouldnt understand. Haha

    Although fond memories of polishing a bottle of jagge in the RS4 in a very quick drive from constantia to hout bay come to mind 😉

    Keep it tidy

  30. I am deeply and madly in love with my city by night because unlike another blog that rhymes with 2shmoshensvibe whose content is all bought by advertisers, u guys are genuine and provide cool and relevant stories. Please pick me and i will heart u forever!

    ps: i'll hook up with kreg

  31. My city by night! my blog, my ultimate! you guys rock my socks… you are the dj to my dancefloor! i love your stories and your content, everything about the blog is TOTALLY relevant! please pick me and ill keep spreading the word about your site!

    LOVE YOU CRAZY amounts!!

  32. Ok, so I think most of these people are looking at this in the wrong way… I mean, well theres no point of giving the tickets to any of these people because the club is pretty much guaranteed they gonna go anyway…on top of that, they all seem to love you already.. so need to give a freebies to them..

    On the other hand, I dont love you guys, have got relevant interest but not enough quite yet… on top of that Im probably heading off to the KILLER party with Camo&Krooked tonight at Fiction… Gonna be super sick..

    but if you guys swing some freebies my way, maybe my mind will swing into visiting your guys site more often! and heading to good old Fez for some action!!

    Your choice…

    Just throwing it out there!

  33. @Barbs, Camo and Krooked will be well sick dude… enjoy it! Check back at 5 to see if we got ya on the Fez list. The more people we can party with, the better!

    Laters skaters!

  34. Front right. Gonna be a sick nighht with the MCBN Crew. Puzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thursday on Steriods 🙂 🙂

  35. Just handed my thesis this week n it was crazy…give me the opportunity to have the party of my life at one of the baddest parties. Please let me win because I need to party hard n I know it will b good because MyCityByNight says its the place to be because you guys r the coolest

  36. Thanks to everyone for entering this comp. It has now allowed us to work more with the Fez on Thursday – Saturday and can throw some more mad comp give aways.

    So here how it is going to go down. 8 of you will be chosen to jol with us at our table, VIP styles and the rest, the other 20 will all be on a concessions list which will allow you to skip the line and STAND IN THE VIP QUE BUT YOU WILL UNFORTUNATELY YOU HAVE TO PAY R40. Remember it costs R80 to get in and R100 for VIP. We are pushing next time for FREE ENTRY FOR ALL. BUT ATLEAST YOU CAN SKIP THE QUE…


    So the 8 winners who will be joining us at our table:

    Mike Hunt


    Young Stallone






    The following people are on the concessions list and will HAVE TO BE THERE BEFORE 11:30! DONT FORGET ITS R40 for CONCESSIONS! 🙂

    Mr H








    Joseph George

    Jess 🙂










    All of your names have been added to the guestlist…

    I am really looking forward to tonight and partying up a storm with all of ya'lll….

    See you on the DANCEFLOOR 🙂

    1. Oh and the concession will entitle you to VIP for only R50 as opposed to R150

  37. Thank you fez thank you mcbn, full levels were attained pity michael jackson wasn’t there he would of cared, haha if you missed last night, sorry for you!

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