Diz Iz Why I’m Hot- a Die Antwoord zef remix

Die Antwoord is back with a brand new video of a remix that they did of the Mims trackThis is Why I’m Hot. In the words of Ninja and Yolandi the video has been described as-

“A raw-ass lil home-made video we made on tour jus 4 fun”

I’ve long since been one of those people who thinks the Antwoord are giving the World a bad impression of South Africans but to be honest, the more they evolve and progress the more intriguing they become. There are no two ways about it, they’ve let the World know about Zef and seem to be growing a bigger following by the minute. The release of Die Antwoord’s “Dis Iz Why I’m Hot” (zef remix) video is coupled with the chance to download an acapella version of the song to use in your very own remix from Die Antwoord website – pretty rad as far as fan stuff goes.

I’ve got the chance to see them perform in the next couple of months and to be honest I’m a little bit amped to check them out- even if it is just to confirm that I don’t like them (hey, I might be swayed). Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

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