Disguised in Nature – An Inspiring Video About More Than Surfing


No matter what you do today, find 10 minutes and watch this, this awesome! THIS just makes me proud of all the awesome we have in South Africa, yet again.

Mooiness, Surfing, film making talent, music… The whole damn lot!

The film, as I mentioned above, is an inspiring video about more than just surfing.


The goal of the film is to shift the mindset of female surfing from a continual comparison between male and female to viewing it for the beautiful expression it is.

Dan had this to say about the background of the film:

A couple months ago Bianca Buitendag called me and asked if I would be interested in filming her and Johanne Defay traveling Australia and surfing a few events there, you know me, if it involves travel — I’m there. The only thing is that I was lost for a story, something different and gripping; I didn’t just want to make a stock standard surfing film with some surfing, tits & ass and some music — Bianca and Johanne agreed, so together we decided to wing it. After experimenting with full post by myself for once not just the edit I learned a ton, but also got pretty attached to this piece.


If you a surfer, you will probably watch this over and over (I’m not even a surfer and watched it 3 times). A standing ovation and slow clap for Dan Mace on this video and of course to these 2 inspiring ladies, Bianca and Johanne.

Disguised in Nature – An Inspiring Video About More Than Surfing.

Sit back and enjoy.

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Film made by Dan Mace

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