Disco De Moda presents: MR. TIES (Berlin / Homopatik) at Kitcheners

mr ties

Mr.Ties has a very unique, adventurous approach to DJing making full use of 3 turntables and his vast record collection to create magical sets whenever he plays. Always finding new and creative ways to mix records, he combines his eclectic choices in a refreshing manner, with Disco, House, Techno and Pop holding it all together in some kind of beautiful fucked up harmony.

You can’t really define Mr. Ties. He is in fact, unclassifiable.

He’s one of the best DJs in Berlin and his much appreciated Homopatik parties are pretty much legendary around the World. At tonight’s gig he will be supported by Disco De Moda regulars Chris Keys, Data Takashi and Andrew the DJ.

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R60 cover.

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