Dirty Toilet Sex Music ft Terry Francis

Dirty Toilet Sex Music not only makes you think about what the hell that would actually mean if it happened in real life but also ensures that come Saturday the 14th & 15th of October 2011, clubbers and music lovers in Durban and Jozi will climax at the arrival of one of the world’s top nightclub brands and DJ legends.

Terry Francis from the legendary Fabric in London will headline this year’s “Dirty Toilet Sex Music” Tour, which sees the DJ and his infamous Fabric sound shake the walls of Sasha Nightclub in Durban on Friday 14th October and Truth Nightclub in Jozi on Saturday 15th October.

Last year’s tour took Oslo Records DJ, Producer and man from Mannheim, Johnny D on an extraordinary four city journey. It was always going to be a tough act to follow, and only a top-shelf icon like Terry bringing Fabric’s first foray into Africa seemed fitting!


DTSM is the brainchild of infamous DJ and promoter Coco Loco, Brothers Underground & Holly Jade. Coco Loco’s 13 years of working South Africa’s clubbers into a sweat, melded with the passionate plight of The Brothers came together almost 4 years ago, establishing a much needed local backbone for hosting quality International DJ events. The wildly popular “Excuse the Mess” parties featuring Ralf Kollmann (mobilee) & Pablo Cahn Speyer (Cadenza) put their motives on the map, followed by events featuring Barem (M_NUS) and Federico Molinari (OSLO) and in September last year the cheeky yet charming “Dirty Toilet Sex Music” circus arrived with Johnny D from Germany at helm.

Terry Francis brings his inherent knowledge of electronic music and that crazy little thing we love called Techno, to South Africa for two very special nights, laced with the atmosphere and energy of a night at London’s underground clubbing capital, Fabric.

Dirty Toilet Sex Music will once again bring its cubicle of dirty tricks and everyone is encouraged to let loose, leave their mark on the cubical walls and get down for a quickie photo shoot around the bowl.

Terry Francis has had a meteoric rise to fame since winning Muzik Magazines ‘Best New DJ’ in 1997. 15 years on and Francis is recognized as one of Britain’s Top DJ’s although he’d been blazing a trail through the underground for no less than ten years before the world at large sat up and took notice. He fuses House and Techno with spasms of deep dubby house, celestial breaks and ethereal vocals.


Dirty Toilet Sex Music ft Terry Francis (Fabric London)
Truth Nightclub, Johannesburg
Saturday 15th October
Doors open 22:00
Pre sale:R100

Terry Francis (Fabric London)
Coco Loco
Brothers Underground
Joint Nation
Andi Dill
Jono Baiocchi
Keren Onay

Gareth D’Vine
James Damian
Chris Palmer

We’ll definitely be running a cool competition for you Jozi and Durbs peeps so check out our Competitions Tab next week for the heat 🙂

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