Dirty Rotten Tequila Festival at CARFAX

dirty rotten tequila fest

The legendary Carfax in Newtown is re-opening its doors for one of many events for 2014 including the Dirty Rotten Tequila Festival. Being one of Johannesburg’s most famous venues, these walls have seen some of the best national and international DJ’s, bands and promoters do their thing for over more than 10 years. This iconic production, festival and arts venue will be officially opening its doors again on the 21st of June due to a high demand from partygoers and promoters.

The Dirty Rotten Tequila Festival is the first of its kind to hit Jozi. Serving a massive variety of the best tequila, 5 different craft beers as well as SA’s top bands and DJs. This one night only festival is sure to inject some heat into this winter solstice evening, so bring you’re a-Game and order a taxi because things are about to get dirty!


Outside Stage:

Shadow Club

The Velves

Tidal Waves

Naming James

Black Cat Bones

The Cable Stealing Gypsies


Inside Floor:

DJ Hawkward



Mr Green & Ella G

More to be announced…


Pre-Sale Tickets are available online from www.Nutickets.co.za for R100-00 


DATE: 21 June 2014
TIME: 14h00 to 04h00 the next morning
ACTIVATIONS: A small scale market featuring craft beer stands, tequila tail stalls and flash pizza’s.
TICKETS: R100 gets you in from Nutickets (booking fees included) R120 at the door.

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