Diplo teams up with Fraules for a twerktastic “6th Gear” video

diplo 6th gear
DJ and mega producer Diplo is back with a brand new video for his tune with Alvaro entitled 6th Gear that features the absolutely gorgeous mooiness from Fraules. If for some reason you haven’t been on the internet over the last couple of months Fraules is a dance school in Siberia that has unofficially been recognised as the gold standard for twerking.

Diplo has long been twerking’s biggest proponent, featuring it in many of his videos and even at his live shows, where the audience is encouraged to get up on stage to express themselves via shaking their booties. In the video Diplo teams up with Russian dance queen Elena “Fraules” Yatkina and her twerk team to make some of the most mesmerizing scenes ever to be included in a video. heat up the clip.

diplo 6th gear fraules

“Nothing makes more sense for a Diplo video than twerking princesses from Siberia … #duhhhhhh,”

– Said Diplo when quizzed about the video

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