Dinner & Movie Special at The Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa| Review

Last week, I was feeling the need to be all casanova-like by injecting a smidgen of romance to my already awesome relationship through a dinner and movie at the Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa. Let me just say- I am sooo glad I did. To illustrate this, I will be using the simple and time tested evaluation method of “brownie points” during my post thereby showing how much credit I now have in my relationship account (cos I do mess up from time to time).

I decided to pop through to the world-famous Hotel with the best view on the planet on Thursday night to check out the winter specials, as to avoid a totally packed hotel. It was a fairly good call as myself and the yummy Stacey Norman were pretty much treated to an intimate night out in one of the most impressive and luxurious places around (+1 Brownie point). After arriving at the 12 Apostles we were greeted by the doorman, who showed us up to the Leopard Lounge to wait while our table for the Dinner & Movie Special was prepared (we were early).

Upon arriving at the Leopard Lounge, we were welcomed by what would be the most helpful and awesome waitor I’ve ever had, Elton, and a massive wood fire crackling in the background (+5 Brownie points). Elton promptly, took us through his list of recommendations for cocktails leading me to order some bubbly for the mooiness and a whiskey for myself. The sun had already begun to set (it being winter) and we got to enjoy a superb sunset while kicking back and canoodling on the plush couches (+ 3 Brownie points).

630pm arrived and we were shown down to the Azure Restaurant, where we were escorted to the corner table, which was covered in rose petals (+10 Brownie points). At this point I should mention that Stacey already had that- yes, take me now look in her eyes, leaving me more than stoked with the night’s progression. During the entirety of the meal we were looked after by what has to be THE MOST professional and friendly wait-staff that I have ever experienced (and I’ve been around the block a few times). We honestly felt like royalty, which for me, is the most important thing about any leisure establishment (+2 Brownie points).

Onto the food… For a meager R315 per person, we were able to select from a tantalisingly delicious selection of starters, mains and dessert. I, being a man, chose a crayfish bisque for starters with the BEST Rib Eye Steak I’ve ever put into my mouth (I really hate to say things like this, but its true). The meal was simply emotional, I almost cried while I devoured my steak and looked into the eyes of my significant other (+3 Brownie points & then -1 for almost crying over steak).

Next up the extremely talented Head Chef of the Twelve Apostles Henrico Grobbelaar, joined us for a little bit of a walkthrough of what we had just eaten, explaining why the steak almost brought tears to my eyes (+10 Brownie points). At this point, I have to give a shout out to Saadiyah Hendricks from Marcus Brewster, who had hooked up the little meet and greet with Henrico as a little favour to me (it really helps when you know people, who know people, who are the people).

As if the evening couldnt get any better we got to do something that pretty much nobody does- see the kitchen of the 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa. As luck would have it, Henrico listened to Stacey every night on the drive home and rather enjoyed her antics of talking about peeing in strange places and names for your privates. So, in a twist in normal events he invited us into his kitchen to see how the meals are made and plated (+5 Brownie points). It was an amazing experience and I felt absolutely priveledged to have had the opportunity to just “kick it” with the South African Chef extraordinaire.

To end the evening off, we went to the private cinema and enjoyed an artsy movie about life entitled, “As it was in Heaven”, while munching on some popcorn and enjoying a yummy milkshake (+3 Brownie points).

I have never experienced an evening of that quality in a restaurant or hotel before and seriously can’t believe I waited that long to do it! I truely, recommend that you check it out while they’ve got their winter specials running because there is truely no way that you would ever experience the royalty treatment for a steal of the regular price.

Total Brownie points: 41

Obvious really…

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  1. Hi please create a package for either movie dinner special and stay over for two with breakast.

    Or..dinner movie special with helicopter ride from wtrfront..not staying over. It is for a wedding anniversary around 16 Dec or close to that..

    1. Hi Yolanda, this isn’t the website for Twelve Apostles – it’s an entertainment & lifestyle hub for SA 🙂 Maybe hit up google for contact deets?

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