Die Antwoord – RICH BITCH (explicit version)

Its not even been 30 minutes since it was posted and someone has sent us the link to the new Die Antwoord song.

Here it is everyone, the explicit version of Rich Bitch by Die Antwoord! Beautiful, she wipes her ass with Malema! Kuk funny (mind the pun)!

What do you think of it? Ninja or not so ninja…

[Thanks Steve for the mail]

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  1. Seriously, they’ll do anything to make people take notice… Clever at times but this for me is a waste of time. I dislike Die Antwoord … this just shows why!

  2. This is just my feelings and I will stick with them about Die Antwoord – They are SHIT! (so yes, I agree with you Hmmm)

    Ninja you are VUIL!

  3. Not a fan of Die Antwoord. But you have to admit they are rather like a car accident. Don’t like seeing them but when you do you can’t look away. Kings of controversy.

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