Did you see Serena Williams chase down a cell-phone thief last week?

serena williams chases thief

Serena Williams has to be one of the most exceptional sportspeople we’ve ever had the privilege of watching over the years, with sheer athleticism that is almost unmatched in the field of Women’s pro tennis.

Serena posted a story to her Instagram feed last week, detailing what had happened to her while enjoying a spot of dinner at a local joint, which involved some random dude stealing her phone off the table during dinner and her chasing the guy down in order to get her phone back.

The gist of the story is that she noticed her phone was gone after a weird exchange with a random dude and then proceeded to chase down the thief, getting her phone back in the process.┬áIs there nothing that Serena Williams can’t do? After seeing her chase down a guy who stole her cellphone, we’re thinking the answer is no.

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