Desmond and the Tutus chat to our team ahead of Splashy Fen 2018.

If you haven’t gotten your ticket to Splashy Fen 2018 just yet, we suggest you hop-skip-to-it because with this year’s lineup you’re guaranteed to experience 100% pure FOMOF for the rest of the year if you miss out!

We were lucky enough to catch up with one of South Africa’s and Japan’s most loved bands – Desmond and the Tutus. From the ladies in Pretoria to UFO’s and Splashy Fen diets – here’s what went down…

MCBN: Let’s get this out of the way: Pretoria Girls – is the song aspirational or based on personal experience?

DTT: Well we all grew up in Pretoria so definitely born out of personal experience in some ways. We all had crushes on Pretoria girls at some stage of our lives.

MCBN: First song you guys ever played together as a band, live?

DTT: Peter.

MCBN: You’ve sold out shows in Japan, France, the UK and Sweden, amongst others. Which foreign destination is the next you’re looking to conquer as a band?

DTT: Japan is the country where we have the largest fan base outside of SA. Going back there is always an amazing experience. Apart from that, we will literally play anywhere. As long as people want us there!

MCBN: You guys have been together since 2005. That’s kak long. Any secrets to keeping ‘the stoke’ alive and staying together? How do you settle disputes? I’m a huge fan of rock, paper, scissors…

DTT: We don’t really have any real band fights. All of our sibling rivalries were sorted out long ago. We just love hanging out, touring and playing music with each other. We’re all best buds too which helps.


MCBN: If you could be any in the orchestra, which one would you be?

DTT: Hand Cymbals.

MCBN: Your first album was in 2008, the second in 2012 and the third, the huge, SAMA award-winning, ‘Enjoy Yourself’, in 2015. Based on the gaps between those albums, I’d like to think there’s another album in the pipeline that’s due. Truth?

DTT: Yes, truth. We’ve been workshopping new material for a few months now. I can’t give you a release date yet but I can say that we’re digging what it sounds like.

MCBN: Which local bands are you guys digging at the moment?

DTT: Sol Gems, LUMA, nic preen.

MCBN: This isn’t your first rodeo at Splashy Fen this year – what is your most memorable moment at SA’s longest running festival?

DTT: This year will only be our third time at Splashy Fen. Durban / KZN audiences are always nuts, no particular moment but we just love how people freak out at Splashy.

MCBN: Any tips for Splashy Fen attendees this year? What’s one thing you always take with you to a festival?

DTT: Pack loads of raisins, peanuts and Oreos. That’s starters, mains and dessert right there.

MCBN: Do you guys believe in UFO’s?

DTT: Nah ways.

MCBN: Melody or lyrics first? Who does most of the writing?

DTT: Writing is a collaborative effort and each song is generally written differently. Most of the time the music comes first then we have a lyrical idea that we expand on and make it work.


MCBN: Choose an animal that best represents each of your band members and why that animal?

DTT: Shane – Sloth, because – always sleepy / Doug – Cockatiel, because –  fashion / Craig – Giraffe, because – big neck

MCBN: You’re given an elephant. You may not give it away or sell it – what do you do with it?

DTT: Break its legs and claim from insurance. Then buy 2 more elephants with the insurance money and nurture the injured elephant back to health. Then we sell our cars and we each have an elephant that can take us to and from shows with all our gear.

There it is guys, don’t miss the eclectic trio, Desmond and The Tutus and their elephant roadies at Splashy Fen this year. For more festival information join the event page or simply book your tickets right here.


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