Design Indaba- Your Street Finalists for Cape Town announced

We are huge supporters of design and using it to better your everyday life. Whether it’s making something more engaging to look at or instead giving function to everyday items around your city we believe that design is a central part to making our lives better. The announcement of the World Design Capital 2014 bid (Cape Town is a finalist) is a mere week away and the finalists for the Your Street Cape Town Challenge have proved why this city deserves the title more than any other.

The Your Street Challenge called for creative proposals on how to enhance an aspect of your city’s street life through the power of design. The challenge called on Capetonians to use the creativity, which they are famous for to come up with commercially viable ways to own, love and improve their streets.  A total of R250 000 has been made available for the implementation of the best, most feasible ideas.

In choosing the seven finalists the jury looked specifically at how the entrants’ responded to the six principles guiding the challenge, namely generosity; international excellence and innovation; feasibility; fun; do and a better world through creativity.

Here are the seven finalists, in no particular order, with a brief description of their proposals. 

  1. Verena Grips with Matchbox: The Matchbox project proposes repurposing shipping containers into crèches for disadvantaged communities.
  2. Luke Pedersen, Jenny Pedersen, Kirsty Rielly, Jess Pedersen and Katherine Spindler with Violet’s Walk: A clearly marked walking route in Woodstock with resting benches placed strategically along the way. 
  3. Lorena Pasquini, Mark Henning and Hannah Williams with Acre Road, Kensington: A community-based design solution to improve the lives of the Acre Road community using low-cost facilities to cater for positive community activities. 
  4. Andrew Cole, Rene Bakker, Andrea Ferry and Pieter H Botha with Let Us Grow: Let Us Grow is an urban farming initiative that supplies fresh produce to urban dwellers, while also creating employment.
  5. Ashley Stemmet, Porky Hefer and Tsai with Urban Mosaic: An aesthetically pleasing way to the solve the problem of shack fires, Urban Mosaic proposes painting the exteriors of shacks with a fire retardent paint. 
  6. Sonja Spamer with Kidz-Up  City: A playground project that rethinks “traditional” playground furniture to make it more inclusive and with forms better suited to learning, while playing. 
  7. Joe Schutzer-Weissmann and Gerald van Wyk with Jamshack: Jamshack is a licensed stage where pre-selected performers will play to a busy Cape Town street. 

The finalists will have an opportunity to present their final plans to the jury, which includes representatives from the City of Cape Town, before a final decision will be made and announced on Tuesday 25 October 2011. I think it really is inspiring to see so many positive ideas to make urban life in Cape Town THAT much better through using design. I really do hope that we get the title of World Design Capital 2014.

Don’t fret too much if you’re from Jozi because you’ll also have a chance to show your design skills with the Design Indaba Your Street Gauteng Challenge. The GP really could use a bit more of a friendly feel, especially in the center of then urban sprawl that most of our workers call home.

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