Design Indaba Expo 2011- SA’s design future is a bright one

This year’s Design Indaba Expo marked a fairly major shift in the thinking of the creative community in South Africa, with a great deal more focus and respect being given to the talents of local minds.

The Expo saw creative solutions to everyday problems in South Africa and the globe- it truely made me giddy to see design used in this way. It was fantastic to see the talents of young designers put on showcase- to see the overwhelming diversity in design was truely inspiring.

On a whole, the Design Indaba was far less “gadgety” than in previous years with the theme of creativity through design being stretched with the inclusion of fashion, decor, architecture AND media (digital and print).

My favourite stand was the one with a petition (pictured below) for Cape Town to become the Design Capital of the World- oh yes!!! Let’s make it happen 🙂

Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photos at the Design Indaba (as you can obviously tell by previous 2 pics), but this being MyCityByNight we risked our lives all in the name of keeping you in the know and managed to get some sneaky ones!

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