Dept of Basic Education gets passive-aggressive

In a typically democratic fashion the department of Basic Education has responded to the continued teacher’s strike with a statement published on page 12 of the Times this weekend. The statement detailed the increases in pay that teachers had been awarded over the past couple of years and ended off with a rather proud statement that all teachers who were new to the system could expect to be earning just over R200k per annum and that they were deeply disappointed with the actions of some of the unions involved- oooh how very passive aggressive!

Personally I’m not too sure whether taking a bit of a brag in a national newspaper (which probably cost them a huge lump of cash anyways) was the best way to address the clear issues here. Regardless- I think I’m going to lend a hand and go teach some History and English and one my local government schools that need the help while all the teachers are busy coming up with clever posters and new toi-toi moves… School… MyCityByNight style 🙂

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  1. 16k per month for your first year, aint that bad, considering that they get added extras, like housing allowences etc. And they dont work half the fucking time!!!!!!! they are on school holidays and shit, that they get paid for. so yay, lets let our 2010 Matrics FAIL so we can toi toi!

    and dont get me started on the Doctors and Nurses, I understand that they dont have the best working conditions. But where the fuck do they get off striking?????? they are essential services! what they did is against the law, and just spits in the face of the hippocratic oath! babies dying is fucking unacceptable no matter which way you put it. The Government should be sued for neglegence!

    1. I do kind of agree with you there Gerald- they're called essential services for a reason…

      I just feel that if there was a bit more respect given to the jobs that these individuals do they might be intrinsically motivated NOT to strike illegally and cause anarchy in the country. Whatever though. TIA right? bleh.

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