Deliriant – Earthdance 2011 Set

I saw this post on Mr Cape Town’s blog and knew that all the MyCityByNight’s psyheads would LOVE this.

Here is Deliriants INSANE set from Earthdance, what an absolute banger.

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DJ mix from Earthdance, Cape Town, 2011

1. deliriant – chronic
2. abomination – secret sands (deliriant remix)
3. lost & found – virtuoso
4. deliriant – anti-god
5. phyx – 7th sword
6. lost & found – disconnected
7. deliriant – out of control
8. ex-gen – intensified (ex-gen vs smashed remix)
9. lost & found vs ex-gen – surface to air
10. absolum vs outer signal – get up now

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