Deep Fried Decks @ Fiction

Deep Fried Decks 1

Their last night of deep fried goodness at Fiction was ended prematurely by the cops so this time they’re back for round two! 

As promised, Audiojerk will be returning for his much anticipated main set as their guest chef. He will be supported by their other guest chef, Fultronbass, as well as the DFD chefs who will be serving up nothing but the best Nu Disco, Deep House, House and Techno. 

They will once again (weather permitting) be opening the upstairs balcony for an exclusive VIP experience; complete with extra sound and lighting. Stay tuned to the event wall closer to the day for further details.

Last time around was banging and they’re really excited for another night of reaching for the lasers! 🙂

//** Line up **//

Art Bam
Adrian Gemini
Kirk Blunt

Damage: R40

Girls: 18 and over // Guys: 21 and over (ID upon request).

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