Deep Filth – Trash Yourself

 Deep Filth

Byron kleb known as (Deep Filth) stands for the element in quality underground Electronic music. His Charisma,energy and hard work have ensured his status as one of the of the hottest up and coming Dj’s in London and South Africa.With his salacious dirty sounds and his intoxicating presence this multi genre Dj is pushing himself to higher levels and is a true pioneer to the local and international dance culture.

A prolific DJ and multi-talented entertainer,he never fails to impress with his overwhelming amount of energy that he injects into every set.His massive interest in Electronic music came from the influences of old school house and dance music.As a natural born performer it was only a matter of time before music and performing were put inot action.Months of listening and Constantly searching multi genre’s of music from Electro to Dubstep, he has in a short period of time put his passion and hard work into reaching the exclusive club of Electronic Djs.With one year’s experience behind his name he made a vital move to London to be involved in the Electronic music culture.

In the space of 2 years in London he has reached an international status and a high level of respect,infecting crowds with ballistic energy and his trademark Dirty,Grungy style he has established himself as the one of the hottest up and coming prospects in the dance music community.Founded by one of Londons and Ibiza top promoters DIRTY DUBBIN he has now played sets and entertained crowds in the most prestigious clubs and labels in the UK.His style as an all round electronic house Dj has opened many opportunities and fused together his own unique style.From this multi talented invidual you can expect Dirty House,Filthy electro,Grimy Dubstep,explosive fidget,hardcore breaks to the more underground deep/progressive house and minimal/techno influences. Supporting Labels such as DIRTY DUBBIN,SPACE IBIZA,PACHA,MINISTRY OF SOUND,he has earned his place to play at clubs such as Ministry of Sound,Pacha,Turnmills and The EGG just to name a few.As well as playing the massive clubs of London he has supported Local and international DJs such as Jon Gurd,Ed Kane,Bobby & Klein,Jaywest,Micky Slim,Deepgroove,Claude Monet,Kenny Dope,Kyle Watson,Sleazy G,Little Leigh,Lady Lea,Coco Loco,Troydon,Derick the bandit and Erica Elle.

As a Dj and the demand for his unique energetic style Byron welcomes all opportunities and experiences that he can.His journey has just begun and his progress to rocking every dance floor he can get his hands onto far from complete.Expect demolition and pure carnage as this young prospect continues to make a impact on the electronic music community

Deep Filth – Trash Yourself mix by Deep Filth


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  1. What a fucking treat of a set! Nice one Byron – looking forward to big things in the future!

    1. @Mike: I have stopped listening to this set since I downloaded it yesterday…

      Deep Filth – Great name, looking forward to seeing him down in CT 🙂

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