Deadmau5’s Coffee Run Makes a Return with Mythbuster’s Adam Savage.


Double Double, 2 Creams, 2 Sugars Please.

Unproduced, unedited, DeadMau5’s celebrity coffee run is exactly just that. A 30 min drive recorded on a dash cam with an unacquainted celebrity to pick up some coffee, which he makes them pay for. In this edition titled FN’Savage, Mythbusters Adam Savage joins along for the ride.

From talks about DeadMau5’s girlfriends savage racing antics to the pros of fame, bad internet and showing off his brand new exhaust kit, the series gives fans a candid insight into DeadMau5’s and his guests day to day lives.

Watch the brand new video here and let us know who you think should buy DeadMau5’s next Double Double.


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