Deadmau5 in Cape Town at the CTICC Winners

The response to this competition has been phenomenal, so we would just like to kick things off by thanking all of you for participating. As a special token of our appreciation, MyCityByNight has decided to upgrade all of our winners from general access to VIP! Yup that’s right, both double tickets to Thursday’s event will now be VIP!

Congratulations to:



Skye Russell

I hope to see you kids going nuts on the dancefloor- if you see any of the MCBN team, come say hi- we never say no to a drink 😉

You will be mailed with details around ticket collection later tonight.

MyCityByNight… who.what.where.when

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  1. Hi. I’m unsure what you designed your website in. Is it a combination of wordpress and css ? The formatting and the colours look good.

    i am literally jumping up and down!
    and now they are VIP!!
    could not think of any better news 🙂
    i have had such bad luck recently..
    and you have no idea how happy i am that my
    luck is finally changing and my life turning around.

    D E A D M A U 5 <3

    going to party like no one has partied before.
    and trust me. i am very capable of that!

    1. Now when will there be a competition for Deadmau5 in JHB at H2O?Please please please I need a ticket!! It is extremely difficult to get extra tickets, only tickets available from people who wants to rip you off!! This party will be the biggest at H2O ever and I want to surprise my friends with a ticket!! Please run a competition please please please or help me with tickets..:)

  3. Now when will we get tickets for Deadmau 5 in JHB at H2O?? Man I need extra tickets and can not find anywhere. The people on are selling the tickets at 3 times the price, ripping people off!! And off course you can not trust them, con-artists!!! First time H2O sells out before time and no tickets available at door. A lot of people were caught of gaurd. This party is going to be huge and I have only one ticket!!!

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