DEADMAU5 comes to Cape Town


Now, do we have some super exciting news to share with you boys and girls today! The recent trend of totally awesome dj’s visiting our shores is set to continue during the months when the World Cup is on with the arrival of none other than… DEADMAU5!!!!!

Being an authority on all things cool and underground, along with the fact that everyone likes us we were able to get the heads up long before it was even made official…

Speaking to Deadmau5’s agent Iyeesa Jeoake- we were able to find out that this superstar dj, who is arguably one of the best dance producers around today, even though he might be a tad bit full of himself, will be gracing the absolutely beautiful shores of Cape Town during the month of July (date to be confirmed soon).

Personally, we’re absolutely over the moon because both Kreg and myself have been dying for an opportunity to see this guy live- mouse-head and all. Be warned though- tickets for this party are going to sell pretty fast, so you better get yourself down to the ticket outlets as soon as the official supplier is made public.

This is going to be the heat!!!!!

And just remember… You heard it first on MyCityByNight!!



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  1. OH MY GOD!!! This is the best news since I first heard a song of his. The best by FAR! Im golden circle mother!!!

  2. hehehe, Lauren, sorry to disappoint you but look at the date!!! Ricky even got me with this one! 🙂

  3. They should bring SANDER VAN DOORN!!! Do any of you know SANDER VAN DOORN??? He is like one of the best trance music producer/djs in the world at the moment.

    1. Old school guy right? I've been listening to quite a bit of trance of late- there is some really good stuff on Amsterdam Trance Radio- probably one of the best internet radio channels out there- give it a listen jude, you'll dig it!

  4. I totally agree with Sander van Doorn. Best party would be 3 super Dj's mixing from bout 10 til 2. Armin, Sander and Ferry Corsten would be my choice. Markus Schulz would be just as good, his mix sets are off the charts!

    But we all know parties like that don't happen in cape Town

  5. Sick days… I’ll be the next to reach the top charts people!!! Remember the name… CHRIS BACH

      1. Yeah agreed- let us hear what you’ve got… If its good we’ll drop you a little feature 🙂

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