“Dead” woman wakes up as her organs are about to be harvested

Doctors in Surgical Masks Looking down

There’s not much else scarier than waking up on an operating table just as doctors are about to cut you open to harvest your organs, having declared you dead (which you clearly are not). This was the scene that Colleen Burns, 41, faced when she was admitted to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Syracuse, New York State following a drugs overdose.

She was in a coma and despite passing a reflex test was still declared brain dead and wheeled into the operating theatre after her family had given the doctors the go ahead. The incident happened in 2009 but the full details have only just come to light after an investigation by the The Post-Standard.

Sadly she survived the ordeal only to commit suicide a year later. Her family did not press charges but the hospital was fined $6,000 by the state Health Department (only?!!).


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