Daylight testing… Nothing to do with science

As I’ve said before- I’ve been around the block enough to be street smart (as opposed to pavement dumb?) in the matters of dating and girls and stuff. Which is why some of you might be terrified when I let you in on a little activity that takes place GLOBALLY on a daily basis. Daylight testing… And no- its definately not what you think it is…
You see the term for this activity has its roots in the not-so-awesome Claremont nightclub that is synonymous with a suprsingly high quality of mooiness and more popped collars from boytjies in short sleeve shirts per square metre than anywhere else in our fair land- South Africa. Yup you know the one- Tiger Tiger…
Tiger Tiger and most nightclubs have a habit of dimming the club lights in a way that gives most girls a shimmer similar to that of a Victoria’s Secret supermodel strutting down the runway. The “Tiger Lights” as they’ve been termed have a profound effect on everyone’s ability to judge hotness as they normally would (although I’m sure the booze does its job as well). You’ve all been there- shimmering goddess to terrfying yeti all in the matter of a few shades of light and your liver and kidneys ridding your body of the previous night’s GEES.
This is where the importance of daylight testing comes in.
Before introducing what you are “sure” was the next best thing to twist off tops on beer to your friends on a night out (possibly risking them garnishing you with a side order of ridicule), you must invite the said mooiness to a fairly well-lit location (preferably daylight) where you can asses your failure or success with a more level playing field (speaking of this- try not to be drunk either, it helps). For added sureity- try and arrange an activity that requires the mooiness to remove any “hotmaker” sunnies- we all know how big sunglasses, a cap and window tints can make any girl look like Adriana Lima.

That being said- daylight testing is really only reserved for the borderline calls- those ones that give you that- “she couldve been a man feeling”- even if it is only for a brief milli-second while tying your shoe-laces.

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Im a guy with a very particular view of life... im not quite sure what that view is just yet, but when I find out I'll be sure to let you know...


  1. Wow I just couldn't stop laughing…at you Craig, oops, Kregg. The irony is absolutely beautiful as you sir are a ginger,and your friend mr.short aka ricky aka mrs.mycitybynight is not exactly hotness on legs.In light of the above,please appreciate a lady's willingness to see YOU a second time,let alone in daylight; it indicates her ability to look past your abundant exterior faults, WOW then she's a keeper son. Tsk tsk silly boy

  2. Hey Reailty Check, its not Kregg who wrote this as you say, I just posted it for Ricky, so have changed the name to the original writer… sorry about that!

  3. No need to be sorry sweetheart,it makes no difference which one of you two wrote it, as it applies to both of you 🙂

  4. Your words are very sweet reailtycheck! 😉 thanks for pointing out our exterior floors, hope you feel better about yourself…

    Have a great day!

  5. Hehehe… Sheez someone's rather upset today 🙂 I'm pretty sure I've been daylight tested before- its a phenomenon that happens a lot more than we'd like to admit. You're right though- any girl who can bare to see either of us more than once is definately a winner 🙂

  6. Definitely been daylight tested before… hahaha, a world wide phenomenon, that is a lag!

  7. shame realitycheck…. you must be awfully insecure to write comments like that…. both kreg and mr rickbynight are twoo the lovliest most charming young gentleman i know… the mooiness love them. please go back to the little whole you crawled out of… at least then youll look more attractive in the dark:)

  8. am actually quite shocked you would write something like that, "a ginger and mr short" SHALLOW MUCH???????? there is more to life than how people look, have you even spent time with these two guys?? perhaps you need a reality check…

  9. Abbey: you will always be loved here at MyCityByNight, we heart you! 🙂

    PS: I love this, "Perhaps you need a reailty check"

    @ReailtyCheck: If you have ever seen something on this blog that you took seriously (like this), then I am going to say what Abbey just said, you definitely need a reality check!

  10. Oh kregg…its flaws not floors,but im sure these little mistakes make you very cute,especially to all your friends that stand up for you.and both of you two have very good personalities,i dont dispute this,but writing about making sure a girl is good looking before introducing her as someone nice…sies!and yes all you lady fans you are proving the point; if I knew them I'd know they were lovely regardless of looks,so they should deal you the same grace should you perhaps meet them.

  11. Ah Abbey try not to contradict yourself in the same comment,assuming im ugly from my words…only,but everyone else is lovely if we knew them.

  12. your words make you sound very ugly reality check… you sound insecutre and nasty… even if you are what is considered to be "attractive, your ugly from the inside out. whereas both kreg and kenny have a very attractive features to them, from both the inside and the outside. who cars if kenny wrote that, its light hearted you fool….

    I can imagine TIGERTIGER is your favourite jol, so kif

  13. @RealityCheck: my spelling is shocking, I know so mistake do happen when I write! I just think Ricky, is having a laugh at this subject as I am sure this happened to you before, meeting a guy inside a club thinking he is amazing looking only to find out the next day u were completely wrong!? Take it with a pinch of salt and have a laugh. Nothing serious and nothing harmful about this piece… Sorry if it harmed you…

    Abbey, u are still a darling 🙂 Now play nice kitty kat… hehehee

  14. Ginger and Mr short aka mrs mycitybynight, is this chick for real?

    smacks of kitty kat attempting to get her own back after being absolutly SHUT DOWN by the MCBN community,

    Cheap shots.

    Thats Tiger girls for you!

    Much in the window but little in the room!

  15. Jeremy: you make me laugh! I dont think this chicks for real at all, look at her name: Reality Check, its definitely her that needs a reality check for taking this piece so seriously… 🙂

  16. Shame Jeremy I hope that one day you can actually make comments like these to people's face's, oh wait you can't, your balls are too small and you don't have the intelligence to think it up fast enough. Thank goodness for internet bullying hey?

  17. Kitty Kat, i refuse to compete in a battle of whit, against the unarmed.

    and il say that to ur face, anywhere, anytime.

  18. wow I almost feel left out,Jeremy you are hillarious of course I am for real,how do you think those comments got there hmm? Well let's conclude, Abbey dear you were definitely my greatest supporter and yes,yes we shouldn't judge people by the way they look,hence the point of my comment on the article itself,did you actually read it? Kregg 'group hug' is doing it justice as I think only a group of people aka your friends reads this blog,oh and YES, apparently Jeremy can tell you about a blog that was taken quite seriously a while ago,something the kittykat wrote I see,well that's odd i thought you'd know whats going on on your blog.Jeremy siss luv,the lady said you dont have balls,is that what happens when you hug Tiger girls?ooh yes you do seem fierce when it comes to whit,a battle of wht ooooh.well its been fun lads!

  19. LOL! you are a lag … It doesnt bother me if only my friends read the blog, I do it cause I enjoy it and it keeps me busy, if that bothers you then really go find some where else that you actually feel happy reading. Anyways… it really is a shame that someone comes and hides behind a pseudonym and even uses a fake email address when commenting. You scared of people knowing who you are? I mean, u clearly know who myself and Ricky are, so what are you afraid of? shame…

    Anyways, if this blog/article so badly offends, kindly dont ever come back… Atleast I know I got my mates who read the blog, you are lame!

  20. Jeremy offers my left nut to kitty kat, and my right nut to Reality check for inspection.


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