David Moyes shows off his firm grasp of Spanish in interview

david moyes spanish

As most of you know, I’m a huge Manchester United fan, which means I’m not exactly the biggest supporter of ex-manager David Moyes after he did his utmost to destroy the club and all of the great things that have been achieved by the players over the years with his indifferent management style. Since then Moyes has taken over as manager of Spanish La Liga side Real Sociedad in an attempt to salvage his career as a football manager and has tried to build his streetcred with the fans and media in the country by busting out some Spanish during interviews.

In the video below David Moyes decided that he’d throw one or two Spanish words in (uno, dos, tres, qautro) when talking about how many times he’d seen the Real Sociedad B team, coming off as a real tosser. Man he’s got a long way to go – good luck!

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