Dashboard Camera Footage of A Cape Town N2 Accident

Car crash

I received this link from a mate Ashley who showed me this shocking footage of a car crash that took place on the N2 in Cape Town heading out of town on Friday evening…

The driver of the convertible was flung from the vehicle as it hit the barrier on the N2, and while we’re unsure of his injuries, we can only hope he is okay… Let’s hope the driver of the vehicle, isn’t suffering any serious injuries at the moment. PLEASE make sure you buckle up this festive season (and every single time you get into a car). We don’t want to see this happening more frequently in Cape Town.

Let’s hope everyone is okay! ** WARNING: THIS IS NOT FOR SENSITIVE VIEWERS **

Dashboard Camera Footage of A Cape Town N2 Accident

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  1. Hi – just some corrections:

    The incident was on Friday evening, not Sunday. Also, the driver was driving out of town – not into town

    1. Thank you Peter. We’ve updated it. Would you mind dropping us a message on our Facebook fan page, we’d like to chat to you a little more about this!

  2. Hi there

    We are looking for the owner of the dashcam for an interview for radio, can someone please get back to me regarding this. Alex

    1. Hey Alex – we’re busy working on it as well! We’ve got a lead in terms of the video owner and will drop you a message if we do find him.

  3. This is heart-breaking and unfortunately for the driver and his fam, he did not survive. He was a younger brother to a close friend 🙁 May his soul RIP

  4. Good evening. The person that died was not driving the car, he was a passenger at that moment and he is the owner of that car but he’s friend was driving.

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