Dan Vicary jumps Lover’s Leap In New Zealand in a wingsuit

dan-vicary wingsuit

Dan Vicary is a pretty mental chap, famous around the world for jumping off and out of things, filming his adventures in the process. In 2009 he did a base jump from the highly technical Lover’s Leap in New Zealand and pulled his parachute after around 2 seconds of descent. He vowed then that he wanted to come back to try the jump again, this time in a wingsuit. At the time, the wingsuit tech wasn’t quite up to standard, meaning that he would need to wait until someone was smart enough to design something would help him not end up as a splat on the floor below after the jump.

Fast forward a couple of years and you’ve got the video below – Dan has the tech and has done the necessary prep work (which by the watching the video you can see is quite a bit). It’s incredibly technical and even involves the need to turn while in the air to avoid smashing into a ledge. Dan – hats off to you mate.

Dan Vicary First Wingsuit Descent of Lovers Leap NZ a Outdoor video by SevenTwentyProductions

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