Dan Bilzerian Is Releasing A Video Game & It’s Odd To Say The Least

Dan Bilzerian Is Releasing A Video Game & It's Odd To Say The Least


Dan Bilzerian is one of those guys who we all love to hate with his cash, questionable behaviour and ridiculous antics. He’s putting his image as the “Camel Man” to good use by releasing his own mobile game where the whole point of the game is to party, fire huge guns and hook up with mooiness.

It all kicks off with Dan inviting you round to his ranch to shoot some guns and hang with the ladies, when all of sudden you’re surrounded by a bunch of zombie babes. It’s then up to you to save  Your job now is to save Dan Bilzerian from the obviously quite threatening zombie chicks who are trying to get to his Instagram account (all the while, spending thousands of rands on in-app purchases on your credit card).

Wow. This looks so kak.

mean yeah, that looks really stupid but I suppose if you’re into playing games on your phone then you could do a lot worse. I mean it’s just a standard dumb shoot em up with a graphic of Dan Bilzerian and some stupid lines, but I’m sure it’ll do well.

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