Dame Helen Mirren Twerking on two separate occasions confirms the Apocalypse

dame helen mirren twerking

That’s it… we’ve got no more hope, Dame Helen Mirren twerking on two separate occasions confirms that the Apocalypse is upon us – Ebola, Earthquakes, Rockets in Gaza and Twerking (we’re doomed). Footage of Dame Helen popping her booty resurfaced on the internet last week and was brought into light during an interview on American Talk show Live With Kelly and Michael.

Dame Helen apparently had a few regrets about her reenactment of someone twerking during a game of charades at Harvard (see the original clip above) and felt that she could have done a whole lot better, doing justice to her abilities- twerking to her full potential, if you will.

“It wasn’t very good,” she told USA Today. “I can twerk better than that. But I was more than embarrassed. I was absolutely mortified.”

She decided that her appearance on the Live with Kelly and Michael show was just the right place to make it all better, giving twerking another shot. The clip below is yet another from the farthest reaches of the internet that’s left me very confused about whether I’m turned on or completely appalled – someone, please point me in the direction?


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