Daisies 2017, Our Take On One of South Africa’s Biggest Festivals.

Daisies 2017, The Good, The Bad & The Pretty

**All photos by Closure**

Disclaimer: This is one person’s account of the events that happened and do not reflect the views, actions or musical preferences of MCBN.

The Road To Daisies: It was a quick and exciting ride to the festival, minus a brief roadblock where I got fined R1000 for stupidly not having my license on me. Great start to the weekend, I thought. Nevertheless, I wasn’t going to let that bum me out. Mission #1: to forget about it by getting very, VERY drunk, as quickly as possible.


Day 1 –  As we arrived, I was reminded that Daisies had actually begun the previous day. This was evident on the faces of those walking in the opposite direction (away from the jol). Soulless faces walking in silence back to their tents, where they would no doubt fall into a paralytic slumber for most of the festival. LOL NOOBS!

My first impression of the structure of the festival was that not much had changed since the previous year. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? The barriers and walkways were all cleverly designed so that idiots like myself wouldn’t get lost and so that the hordes of people could be expertly herded around the festival.

Night 1 – Black Coffee scheduled to play at the same time as Floyd Lavine. As much as I wanted to watch Floyd do his thing, I’m afraid that Black Coffee wins that fight. I gathered the crew and together we watched Black Coffee kill it on the main stage. It was as a good as any Black Coffee set but I suspect he spiced it up to appease the uninitiated masses.

Flume was next and, quite frankly, I lasted about two songs before remembering that I wasn’t a fan to begin with.

From that point onward, my Friday night turned into a bit of a disappointment. The Electro Dome aka the Rave Cave was my next stop where they were playing the hardest hardstyle. Again, not my cup of tea; I gave it more time than it deserved simply because I was easily the drunkest person at Daisies barring the security guard that kept asking me for bribes to bring my own alcohol past the checkpoint.

I couldn’t do it anymore and decided to retire to my tent where I painfully learnt that falling asleep to hardstyle is impossible. I wouldn’t knock hardstyle so much but hearing a blaring remix of Backstreet Boys ‘Backstreet’s Back’ or having to listen to my beloved Prodigy’s ‘Firestarter’ being desecrated, resulted in me losing all compassion for the genre.


Day 2 – The following morning’s wake up proved a test. I woke up in a super confused state. Where the fuck was I? Why was I still wearing shoes? Why was I feeling like a 90-year-old bergie? Reprogramming my brain took a few minutes. After a shower I took a slow, painful walk to the food court, battered and bruised with a level 100 hangover but on the plus side, I bumped into one of the crew. Food, check. Hair of the dog, double check (actually, it was totally a triple).

What came next had to be the highlight of my weekend: as we walked onto the beach bar dance floor we were greeted by the whole pose, jamming away with big smiles on their faces. The beach bar, set up by the We Love Summer team was quite something to behold. Beautiful stage, white sandy floor, palm trees and the sickest, bounciest beats you ever did hear.

Blue skies, smiling faces, beach balls and getting down to Paradise Citizen Boy’s set catapulted the entire team right out of hangover mode and straight into ‘Saturday, let’s go!’ I can hear their track, ‘Sing Hallelujah’ playing in my head as I write this. Keep an eye on their page. Rumour has it that they recorded it for everyone to relive that magical Saturday madness.

Night 2 – It started off hot with a fire dancing show at the Hemp stage that kinda zenned me out. Nevau was manning the funky beats while I sat down and enjoyed the poy.

I look at the time thinking it’s going to be roughly 12 am, fucking lol…. it’s 8 pm only, It’s now almost 2 days of drinking non-stop and I’m feeling my age come to light. Whatever, fuck it. I’ll just go find somewhere to chill I thought… I start walking back to the campsite and as I get closer to the main stage I hear music and thousands of girls screaming. Little did I know what was waiting for me.

I knew little of The Naked And Famous bar only one or 2 of their songs. I curiously stand at the back watching for a while, and before I knew it, I get sucked into their performance.

I ended up standing at the back, by myself, mouth open, completely awestruck by the performance. Something happened to me standing at the back by myself, I stood there absorbing everything my eyes and ears could take in. The stage, the light show, the energy of the crowd… it all came alive! And for the first time, I felt like I was at an international stage. It was spectacular.

I watch some kids in front of me dancing and singing along to the lyrics and having the best time ever… it all just touched me. They ended off strong with their flagship number, ‘Young Blood’ and all in one flash of a stage light, half the crowd were on the other’s shoulders. That isn’t even an exaggeration I feel.

I walked away humming from the experience… feeling strangely sad and happy at the same time, But I think their music is meant to do that, doesn’t it?


Again, I wake up so confused! At least this time, I managed to take off my shoes before I collapsed the night before. I gave myself a pat on the back for that one. But what’s this I’m hearing? One of my favourite Trance tracks playing in the far-off background? Colors by Avalon & Tristan? I look at the time… It’s 6 am. What the fuck? This is Daisies, right? Why am I hearing trance?

In any case, I sat up and took a moment to think about how many people are hating this right now?

I truly believe there is a place for every genre at Daisies, but throughout the festival, I kept thinking about how impossible it is to please everyone. Just think how many times people (myself included) were getting annoyed at the music they didn’t like. That there wasn’t a balance between some of the music they might want to hear and the music they didn’t want to hear.

Like I fucking LOVE psytrance, but I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the masses of people who didn’t. I managed to pull myself together and made a solo mission to investigate. Alas, the music ends on the way up, and I hear people screaming for more (although I imagine most people frommelling out in their tents gave a sigh of relief)  – didn’t expect that at all.

I move on to what’s the now the only stage left, the Corona Beach Bar for Felix La Band’s set. Most of the people have left and we are all thinking of doing the same. I’m about to start the sad, long journey home and I’m stopped by Stephen. He walks in hot with 2, 5l bottles of Energade and Vodka. He convinces me that the Sunday is meant to be enjoyed and I shouldn’t go home as it’s a complete waste of what he promises to be the best day of the festival… and he was absolutely right!! Sunday was incredible. We stayed till the end, dancing and fooling around in the sun, listening to some awesome beats.


So ending things off, I would say it was an all-around incredible experience and a hugely successful festival. Well kept and organized, something for everyone. These types of festivals are leading the charge and setting the benchmark in for South African festival standards. They won’t ever be able to please everyone, but my god, did they please me.

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