Daddy’s Deals – Trial’ed & Tested

We all know how many group buying sites there are out there, and when presented with attending the launch of another one I did give the infamous Stacky ‘eye-roll’. I then read the email and the words DADDY and DEAL stood out, followed very closely by and the part next to it saying … With love from Kulula.

Naturally, the interest was heightened due to the fact that the funny guys of flying and the daddy’s of awesome hotels were entering the market they know best, quality at a great price!
So after the launch, I thought, let me try it as a unknown so they will have no idea they about to get reviewed… Ooooh like a virtual secret diner!

What is Daddy’s Deals then? Firstly, it’s bought to you by the same legends that bought you the Grand Daddy, Old Mac Daddy Trailer Park and the rest of the Daddy awesomeness that has given them the right to say… Who’s your Daddy!
The with love part is from Kulula… If I need to explain to you who Kulula is, then it’s strange that you even reading this online, because you may have been living under a rock.

Secondly and arguably most importantly, they are not a group buying site that needs ‘X’ amount of buyers 1st and they not a crappy deal site that have spa deal after spa deal after spa deal after spa deal after spa deal after spa deal (see how irritating it is – take note other group buying sites). They do have them, but not EVERYDAY!

I mean just look at todays deals below (for Cape Town), 1 restaurant deal and the awesomeness in the form of GOLFING and PAINTBALLING! At last something else to choose from that will interest real people too!

It doesn’t stop there either, they have upped the game and not just given you spa treatments and hotel stays for 1, they make it about the 2 of you! So, it’s for 2 and includes stays and spas. Don’t get me wrong, they also do the singles, but it’s nice to see less of that and more for the 2 people deals.

What I also like about it is that you don’t get inundated with deals EVERYDAY! It’s twice a week, nice a chilled and you feel less pressurised in my opinion.

How does it work? Simply. See image below.

Now I have trial’ed and tested this and things happen as they say and you don’t get screwed out of a deal due to it being over sold! Well I wasn’t.

I am just waiting to see what deals we get from their legendary hotels and from the mighty Kulula!

Maybe a little live the Kulula lifestyle like a Big Daddy Deal competition? Lets see what we can do!

Get your deal on here —> DADDYSDEALS
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