Dad pranks son by putting spider on his face

Dad pranks son by putting spider on his face - Brutal

prank spider

What kind of a father would a play a prank this cruel on his own son? What we’re definitely sure of, is that this kid is probably not going to be speaking to his dad for a very long time to come. The story behind the video is that the dad in question wanted to play a prank of his son (who is apparently a bit of a terror) and decided he’d set him up by asking him to lie on the floor with his hands and legs restricted, with him trying to guess the object placed infront of his face (I know – a touch weird right?).

Following getting his son ready, he then asked him to close his eyes and guess what the object was. The dad starts off all chilled using a teddy bear, which the son gets right, but follows this up with one of the biggest spiders I’ve ever seen, right in the bek.

No man… this is all just too much for me:

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