Dad makes his kid fight pro boxer after learning that he is a bully at school

boxer beats bully

What would you do if you found out that your son was the biggest bully at your school? Give him a stern talking to, or instead, like the dad in this clip, get him to fight a pro boxer to teach him a bit of lesson?

I suppose it isn’t really teaching the kid the lesson that violence isn’t really always the option, but definitely hammers home the message that it sucks when someone who is bigger than you abuses you verbally or with their firsts, which was the case for the kid.

The pro boxer doesn’t hold back either and kicks the living crap out of the bully, which hopefully will make him think twice the next time he’s considering being a dick at school.

Parenting 101 in the modern age – film your bully kid getting beat up by a pro boxer and put it on the internet for millions of people to see:

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