Dad lip syncs his daughter’s temper tantrum & it’s hilarious


If you’ve ever had kids or a younger sibling then you know the temper tantrum all too well. You didn’t buy the blue Steri-Stumpy because they were all out at the grocers, which resulted in what you would’ve thought by their reactions, is the end of their snotty, often sticky worlds.

The guy in the video below, got over it and decided that there was no better way to deal with a crazed child than to make a video of him making fun of his daughter by lip syncing her entire tantrum and putting it on the internet (let’s hope she sees the funny side one day when she’s all grown up). What’s extra impressive is how well this dad knows his daughter – literally all of the tantrum is lip synced with total accuracy.

Here’s what the kid’s mom had to say about the video in its description:

My 6 year old daughter had been in her room wigging out for about an hour, and there was no talking her down. I was getting fed up, so my husband decided to lighten the mood. For the record, she’s not typically a beast child – she’s actually a pretty awesome little kid who was having a rough day 🙂

Yah… but you want to have kids hey?

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