D_Know launches his brand new record label, Knowledge Recordings, with FREE download of new release ‘Unknown Forces’

Unknown Forces marks the first release on D_Know’s Knowledge Recordings. Having released on various international labels over the past few months, D_Know has decided to launch his own label platform as a means of pushing out more of his own material. Although the label serves mainly as his own creative outlet, he would also like it to be a space for collaboration with like-minded producers from around the globe and particularly South Africa (who’s scene is growing at a steady pace).

This release is all about warm, rolling low end with searing percussion that takes the listener on a cosmic journey. Inspired by the musings of Sun Ra, D_Know plays with analogue and digital soundscapes that ebb and flow to create an arrangement that works both on the dance floor and in a personal listening environment.


  1. D_Know – Unknown Forces (Original Mix)

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