Custard X shares his We House Sunday x Ballantine’s experience from Gugu S’thebe


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Molweni, hoe gaan dit and wassup boet, my names Custard X – positivity sharer, entjie enthusiast and all-round UltraMal naai (it’s like a pun).

We House Sunday’s is without a doubt my favourite event in Kaapstad. There is a family aspect that is easily identifiable, no matter where the venue is the atmosphere is contagious – We House culture is an actual nomma. Anyways, I try to attend all of them thanks to Kurt Krieger – a regular ex-aiya who’s been around so long he might as well be the founder (he’s not, though – Leighton Moody, Cassiem Latief & David Dix are).

I was properly excited to experience a Kid Fonque inspired We House Sunday’s. With a line up that boosted the likes of Charles Webster, SIO Live, Lawerence Dix, Irshaad Samaai and the man himself, Leighton Moody.

I expected a natural progression of sounds from soulful/jazzy house to the DEEPEST of the genre – getting jas flashbacks here – and that’s exactly what we got. I shared the dancefloor with an intimate crowd of familiar faces.

What I gran most is perching myself right in the middle of all the action, that way I can dala 360 degree circles the whole night and ask everyone for an entjie.

Driving through Langa is a surreal experience (if you’ve never been) and a major culture shock. Having visited the same venue prior for Boiler Room, I knew what to expect. Langa is like a mini-Soweto (not my words). The residents are friendly, honest and mostly excited to have visitors. Just don’t go walking around by yourself after a certain hour or your face will end up on a milk carton the next week.

We House is a platform for small businesses to sell their goodies to hungry jollers. Very lekker feeling knowing that you can walk out the dancefloor at any time to a spread of home-made delicacies. (Basically catered for me.) I chowed 11 chilli-cheese samoosas, ouens. 11. I don’t know the name of the lady who sold them, but if you do – please plug me. (For those who attended).

I must note that not once did I feel unsafe. Granted, the event did finish around 10ish, promptly. Security was friendly and on point!

It is safe to say that I am eagerly anticipating the next feature of We House Sundays. I smaak that warm energy. You leave the dancefloor fully recharged and ready for another full week of life.

I’m Custard X and I consume papsak, regularly. I also respect women, regularly. You can find me at a We House near you, every month, until I eventually expire or start teaching English in Thailand.

Twitter: Custard_X_
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