Custard X Reviews We House Sundays 5th Birthday

All words by your favourite mal – naai: Custard X
Photo’s by : Levi Niekerk – Creative Friends(@creativefriendct)

House-kops and body-shakers alike were invited to come celebrate We House Sunday’s 5th birthday bash at Transvaal Park, Paarden Eiland.

With a various batch of sound-benders on the line-up, there was no doubt in anyone’s minds that we were all in for a full day of tekkie squeaking.

As usual, I forgot to stretch before the jol.

It’s because of We House that sometimes when I’m in the shower I’ll just randomly start singing, “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, SUNDAY.” and then I’ll look down at my toes and I’m like, “I need to cut those.”

Also, that Jol Squad/Patrol is next level. That, “Oh, Ah, Oh, AH!” just makes the dance floor that much more exciting. I hope those peeps capitalise on that gap in the market, lol.

I always forget to stretch before the jol & I should’ve considering Traxsource #1 deep-house artist of 2017, Black Loops was headlining proceedings alongside German export, Till Von Sein who exuded this aura of noble grandeur mixed with a type of innocence you’d see on a laatie who just learnt how to ride a bike – it was simply remarkable.

20-year-old, Judy Jay has exploded onto the scene all the way from Limpopo and has made resounding waves with her groovy track selection coupled with her uncanny ability to produce that ‘bounce’. Not to mention how refreshing it is to see a young queen pull through in a male-dominated industry.

Jay Me is quickly becoming the queen of electronica and at one point she had the entire jol at a standstill. That kin is just plain rude. Often times I was asking myself if this kak was even legal. Rediculous set

I don’t even wanna talk about Cassiem Latief, Leighton Moody, Lawrence Dix and Shane Gordan. I actually hate those dudes. The way they effortlessly dala this mad kak month after month actually makes me angry. It’s like, they’re not even trying up there. Flawless execution, unbridled mixing and this supernatural ability to just drop magic. Fucking Hogwarts kak. My hammy pulled a total of 14 times during each of their sets. At one point, I left my body and I was looking down at myself like, “Custard, you good bro?” and I really fucking was. Like, I was great.

On a personal note, it was really great to see the genuine happiness on the faces of Lisa Marshall, Leighton, Cass and Dix – 4 legends who have given theirs all into creating a platform that consistently produces quality sound and generates positive, warm energy like no other.

To conclude, what I’ve noticed about going to We House is that people never want to leave. The We House attendee is never satisfied – always craving one more song – this is something I hope continues for another 5 years so as to firmly solidify its legacy.

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