Custard X reviews one of Kaapstad’s longest standing party experiences at Club Wonderland.

LoveAll has been running for almost a decade now and no one has said anything.

For those of you who haven’t been to Wonderland, just know its kak big. They should provide a map of some sorts at the entrance almost like what they have at Canal Walk. I suppose it makes for good conversation starters because all I was doing was asking for directions and cigarettes. (Side note: do not smoke inside)

Posted by LoveAll on Monday, 16 September 2019

What comes to mind when LoveAll is mentioned? What do you immediately think back to? For me, its sweaty nights in Assembly’s Annex with an ice-cold Zamalek in one hand and a lit entjie in the other while Beat Sampras is sending those easy neck-knockers and I’m just lumming there praising God to do be alive.

LoveAll created a culture. Everyone knew everyone in that jol because that was the buzz. It was an impromptu family compiled of DJs, producers, artists, students and mal naaiers. But the core consistency to the event was always the music.

And here is a greatly timed quote from Sunday night sensation Derek Watts,

LoveAll means we’re all equal because we’re all on the same playing field.”

Fast forward some years – I’m not even wys how many because I don’t live by your calendar – LoveAll has transformed and adapted.

On Heritage Day, something saucy was put together by incorporating Dunn Kidda’s Cruel Section to create a different kind of music experience.

With two stages boosting different sounds – upstairs pulsating all things house music and downstairs resembling a Hip-Hop/RnB trap house. The line-up consisted of co-founder Mr. Uncle Bryan Travis AKA OG Emoji accompanying other decorated Indi Hip-Hop DJs like Miss OG, Waggy, Maramza and Black Wizz. The Cruel Section stage hosted beat guru’s Dunn Kidda, Yash and Tamo as well as 5FM regular Fynn and Grandmaster-pioneer Kong.

In my opinion, the set of the night went to Fynn – that man is a sick naai!

It is evident that there is a solid group of locals who can’t get enough of that famous LoveAll atmosphere. It was great to see how that culture is still identifiable even though its in a new location with a new wave of jollers.

Big ups, Bryan Travis and co.

On a side note, maybe some of you males could dress a bit better. I look at some of you and make a conscious decision to never look at you again. I’m kidding, if you’re smiling I’m smiling, just don’t smile at me, awe.

Custard X, out.

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