Custard X reviews Acid Garden Party at Modular


All words by Custard X

An exclusive underground-party haven, organised by DJ Cody Meyer, has infiltered the Cape Town scene for an entire year now.

Acid Garden Party differs from the usual Modular experience as it appeals to a unique type of raver.

Individuals leave their quarrels in the car and walk into a basement that exudes the best in Electronica, Acid House and Acid Techno.

The Acid-House music genre is on the rise in Cape Town.

Entering AGP once a month, I’m always perplexed by the capacity.

It is always busy.This makes me think if jollers are there for the music or the actual acid and at the end of the day – it doesn’t matter, because Helen Zille once said, “Acid is the answer.”

Wherever I looked, I saw jubilant ravers who looked genuinely happy to hypothetically ‘lose-it’ in an environment that welcomes freedom and liberation.

Not to mention, my trained ear (only one works, unfortunately) was able to pick-up the differentiations of the Acid-House genre and it was well-received – don’t worry, both my eyes work – it’s called balance.

What I thoroughly enjoyed was the fact that each DJ provided their own interpretation of the genre.

Event curator, Cody Meyer, Kyle Russouw, Airwalker and German international, Renato all stepped up and provided pulsating performances.

After an entire year of hard-work, determination and perseverance, Acid Garden Party is turning into an unmissable experience in the underground Cape Town party-scene.

The Acid-Music scene is boosting and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next edition of this volcanic event.

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