Custard X reviews a local Hip-Hop show, Bottom Rock

The 2nd instalment of Bottom Rock took place at the Raptor Room and it showcased some of Cape Town’s brightest up-and-coming Hip-Hop talents. 

Founded by Gavin Pierce AKA Rap Man Gavin back in May earlier this year, the concept sees a coming togetherness of like-minded individuals to create a platform for the sole purpose of performing live music, mainly rap. The culture in Cape Town is in dire need of more types of these events and Rap Man Gavin feels very passionately about not only the music but the people that stick uit for it. Music is subjective, it is important to realise the meaning that it carries and the effect it has on people – Bottom Rock is a testament to this. 

With underground beat-maker, Fernando setting the mood for the evening, it was only expected that the other acts would follow in true fashion. Local creatives/Hip-Hop gurus, DK Papi, Jason Giger, Master Kii, Jared January and Lakei, who just released his 10th tape titled, “Songs For”, absolutely obliterated their live performances. This sounds bias, but special mention to Rap Man Gavin who emitted a powerful display which truly encapsulated the man’s passion as you can feel it through his bars.

You might be wondering, “Why Bottom Rock?” As individuals we all face struggles, but it’s how we constructively turn those negatives into positives that define who we really are.
“I was at a point in my life where I felt the lowest I’d been in a very long time, I was directionless and unemployed and I needed to do something. Since I started making music, I knew I wanted the journey to be about something more than just me, the art would always be the most important thing, and being part of a collective appealed to me immensely.” Says Gavin.

Creating an event that exudes locality is one thing, but instilling these underlining aspects of positivity and hope, I thought, was really jas. I left the jol feeling happy and with a newfound sense of meaning – it was weirdly nice. Rap Man Gavin came up with the name, “Bottom Rock” as a reminder to always look up and to not wallow in self-pity when you feel rock bottom, and he also just thought it sounded dope – can’t blame him. Fast forward present day and Gav is right where he needs to be, lumming with a team of producers, rappers, multi-instrumentalists, singers, artists, videographers, editors and more.  

“Just to be able to feed off everyone’s creative energy is all the inspiration I need.” Says Gavin. 

From the perspective of a sick mal-nai extraordinaire, I would 10 out of 10 recommend that you get your complaining-having-ass ass off the couch, call an uber and make sure you are in attendance for the 3rd edition of Bottom Rock. 

Get behind local creatives who are putting themselves out there and are genuinely trying to make an impact through their music. 

I am Custard X and I support the culture, oh and women. 

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