Custard X explores the bounds of sound with All Day’s Yash & Waggy.

Waggy & Yash

This pandemic has been tough on all of us, especially for those DJs whose bread and butter relies on events, bars and clubs.

ALL DAY is a platform created for all your favourite local artists who play week-in and week-out at Cape Town’s hotspots.

The rules of ALL DAY?
there are none.

ALL DAY, at its core, is a safe space for those who are passionate about their craft to do as they please.
Expression is art.

The boundaries of sound are pushed to make way for the true reason behind this: MUSIC.

Your art needs to be seen.

What is ALL DAY SELECTION? All Day Selection is a basic livestream put together by two Djs. But that’s where the formal and normalities end. This stream is extraordinary because of the essence that lies within – we help showcase various artists, producers, poets, djs and musicians for who they really are.

I wanted to create a slang around the concept because when something is catchy it’s easy to latch onto from a marketing perspective. So, for example, if I had to ask you what do you prefer more, HIP-HOP? Or Jazz? You would respond Hip-Hop ALL DAY bro! This is exactly why I chose it. We bring good tunes, good vibes and love all day through the one avenue we all love. Music.

In the event industry, we get a lot of requests from promoters to be the person they want us to be for that certain slot. Not here. We want you, the real you, the raw you. Show us your emotion, grind and why you are you.

When celebrities tell their story we always amazed and wish to be them or like them. But, what about your story? What about striving to be more like yourself? This is why I created All Day Selection, I want to showcase people that don’t always get the chance to be seen for who they really are.

We had our first test Sunday past and had friends pull through to help. The stream went for 9 hours. In all honesty, I felt somewhat lost on the day, mainly because I watched a concept of mine fall into place right in front of my eyes. I sat and slept on this for years and now it’s finally the time to step up and get the ball rolling.

I thanked the one DJ and told him how much I appreciated him and his words were “ No! Thank you, bruh, that was jas!” As explicit as it is, a few minutes later I shed a tear because I felt appreciated for trying to help someone in their line of career and that’s all I could ask for.

“I am so happy to be able to provide a platform for people. Music brings people together and keeps them together.”

Yash & Waggy.

Catch the first stream below.

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