Curro schools have started competitive Minecraft and will be competing live this weekend


With schools closed and pupils unable to partake in any sport for the foreseeable future, students at the various schools of the private education provider Curro Holdings got creative and turned to the popular videogame Minecraft, making it competitive.

Over the past month, Curro students from ages 9-14 have formed teams and taken part in a Minecraft league. According to Business Insider, the students are using the “education edition” of Minecraft, which is used across the world to help teach science, technology, engineering and maths skills.

The online world of Minecraft creates a perfect digital environment for learners to collaborate and play.” – Angela Schaerer, Technology Business Relationships Manager at Curro

In order to compete, the teams are asked to build a specific pirate-themed object, such as a cannon, parrot or pirate ship in thirty minutes. The teams are then judged on likeness, colour, effective teamwork, and the use of space.

Curro will be taking part in the semi-finals today (9 July), which will be hosted by Sports Entertainment International, with the finals live-streamed at 16:00 on Saturday, 11 July. To watch the finals, click this link and read more on the latest entertainment and gaming news, right here.

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