CTEMF x BOILERROOMtv X RBMA – Cape Town Making History!


One of the more iconic facets of electronic music is that it is a truly global phenomenon. While trends and fashions gently ebb and flow on a worldwide scale, each individual region brings its own nuance and flick of the wrist that makes it their own. In South Africa we are no different. We are so much more than Jacob Zuma in a gold plated Bentley and Francois Pienaar showng some nip for a crisp commercial; we are purely unashamedly authentically African, and our music speaks volumes towards this. So now all that remains is exposing this buffet of talent, grabbing the international music community by the melodious testes and saying “Tsy, Baby, luister om my fokken treffers”. And then explaining the context of that sentence to a Frenchman.

And while so often people are content with the mundane, living in their own little enclave and never sharing with the world Cape Town and its battalion of musical war horses, CTEMF along with Red Bull Music Academy have teamed up with electronic music’s visual juggernauts, Boiler Room TV, to create an international broadcast that will make the world realise we are so much more than Charlize Theron and water buffalo. We are South Africans, and our electro is kak lekker.

By the end of 2013 Boiler Room TV expects to have garnered over 200 million views of its videos showcasing the best and brightest in the business; that’s roughly equal to every Mexican on the planet watching a gig twice. From Sven Vath to Erykah Badu to Richie Hawtin and Jamie XX to A Trak to Radiohead, they have done 500 gigs and over 2500 hours of material. It takes place in an intimate relaxed environment, where all DJs bring 10 friends and a few media folk pawn off their first-borns to attend, and then it is streamed live to a worldwide audience. What was once reserved for the likes of London, Berlin and New York, is now in Cape Town and will eventually probably hopefully likely cause world peace.

Black Coffee, Shangaan Electro, Sibot, Killer Robot and Floyd Lavine are representing Mzansi as we are jettisoned onto this online portal. It all goes down on Valentine’s Day at 9pm, and will be the perfect embodiment of romance as the Shangaans belt out their 180 BPM and lovers create disco floors out of their computer rooms. It is an event that will put CT on the map, more than Table Mountain, more than Desmond Tutu in a tutu more than a leaked viral video of a nude Johnny Clegg strangling a leopard. So be part of this gargantuan warm up to a weekend where the Mother City revels in its own talent (And a bit of Richie Hawtin’s), because at the risk of sounding like an arrogant Joburger, we are pretty much the shit.


*Follow @Stroobz as he gets nude in public (and tells everyone its for charity) as well as teaches the zen art of the chocolate diet.

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