#CTEMF Open End: Electronic Music Industry Workshops

In collaboration with the Red Bull Studio, the CTEMF presents a series of open info-sessions and workshops, which aim to illuminate the complex and fascinating South African music industry with a focus on the Electronic Music scene. The key speakers come from all corners of the diverse SA music world, from artists to those behind the scenes, and each carry with them a combination of unique expertise and unbridled knowledge. The sessions will be hosted by Red Bull Studio manager, Richard Rumney, at the Studio during the week leading up to the CTEMF and will be free for anyone to attend.

The sessions will also be a lead-up to the deadline for applications for the Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA), the Monday after CTEMF. The RBMA is a world-travelling series of music workshops and festivals: a platform for those who shape our musical future and key inspiration behind the CTEMF Workshop / Info-Sessions. Those attending the workshops and info session will be given more information about how to apply for the RBMA throughout the week.

T H E P R O G R A M M E:

Tuesday 27th March: Business Of Music: The Music Industry Landscape.

15:00 The Electronic Music Industry 2012

On the couch: Maximillian Kaizen (Creative Commons), Hilton ‘Roach’ Roth (African Dope), Hagar Graiser (Jump Media / Cape MIC)

An overview of the nuts and bolts of the music industry with a focus on Electronic music, taking a look at issues such as publishing, needletime, music copyright, revenue streams and an overview of the different business opportunities with the Electronic Music scene today.

18:00 Soulistic Music Info-Session

On the couch: Black Coffee, Amaru Da Costa

One of South Africa’s most accomplished DJs and artists, and the man behind Soulistic Music, sits down with his manager and co-label owner to talk about the vibrant and meteoric SA House Music scene, it’s past, present and future.

19:00 Ends

Wednesday 28th March: Notes for Notes: Earning a Living In Music.

15:00 Releasing in 2012, The Reality

On the couch: Allan Nicol (Soul Candi), Justin de Nobrega (Die Antwoord / Jack Parow), Dominique Silva (Nokia Services Manager)

Insights into releasing music in the modern world: The various formats, opportunities and realities with the key question being: “Music needs to be released, but how does one go about it these days and is there money to be made?”

16:00 Digital Distro Hoedown

On the couch: Allan Nicol (Soul Candi Records), Dominique Silva (Nokia Services Manager), Justin R. Melville (AIRBORNE), Zani Botes (Lighter Traffic)

A range of leading digital-distribution companies briefly present what services they have to offer artists and labels seeking to get their music distributed via Internet and mobile channels and a breakdown of the available revenue streams

17:00 An Artist And Their Gigs

On the couch: Pierre Coetzee (The Assembly), Dominique Gawlowski (Griet), Jake Lipman (sSHADOWORKSs), Regan Tacon (Nano Records, Goodtimes Events)

Representatives from the cornerstones of those behind the scenes of the live music industry, the promoters, managers and booking agents, give a real-world example of what they are looking for in a performing artist.

18:00 The Birth Of SA Glitch

On the couch: Sibot, Markus Wormstorm

Simon and Markus will offer an in-depth look into the country’s Electronic Music scene and how it has evolved over the last ten years during their career. From the Real Estate Agents, Constructus, Sweat X and and Playdoe, they’ll examine where they came from and take a look at where they are now.

19:00 Ends

Thursday 29th March: Mixed Messages: Modern Music Media.

15:00 Social Media

On the couch: Uno de Waal (Trigger Isobar / 10and5), Steven Elsworth (Audiophile 021)

A look at why Social Media is a necessity when it comes to having a career in music, detailing the tools and channels that are available to use and tricks of the trade.

16:00 Print Music Media

On the couch: Miles Keylock (Rolling Stone SA), Dave Mac (BPM & Muse)

The editors of two of South Africa’s leading music magazines, Rolling Stone and BPM, sit down to talk shop, explain what goes into putting together a music magazine and why they’re still essential to the industry in an online-dominated world.

18:00 New World Media

On the couch: Nick Sabine (Resident Advisor)

A classic Red Bull Music Academy-style info session with the founder of Resident Advisor (www.residentadvisor.net), the online Mecca of the Electronic Music world.

19:00 Ends

The sessions will be taking place at the Red Bull Studio Cape Town at the Planet Art Building, 32 Jamieson Street, Cape Town CBD. Space is limited and the Studio will be open an hour before the sessions start each day, so make sure to come through early.

For directions, click here: http://g.co/maps/ncdx2

The core of the CTEMF will be held at The V&A Waterfront from Friday 30 March – Sunday 01 April: www.facebook.com/CTEMF

For more info on the Festival check out the website: www.ctemf.com

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