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CTEMF 2015 Workshops 1

The CTEMF Open End electronic music industry sessions returns for the fourth year running on the 3rd, 4th, 5th of February 2015 leading up to the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival 2015. Open to the public to attend and held on the first two days at the Red Bull Studios Cape Town and on the third day at Guga S’thebe in conjunction with Bridges For Music, the sessions aim to illuminate and inspire attendees on the fascinating, sometimes complex and always vibrant global electronica scene and beyond, with a particular focus on South Africa.
The sessions will be split into three sections on each day. The first section entitled, Pioneers will see some of South Africa’s forward thinkers in music talk about their maverick approach to the industry. In the second section of each day entitled Story-Tellers, invited speakers will present short 20 minute talks on the topic of Culture Cohesion Through Creativity. Lastly the section entitled Legacy will see some of the headlining acts at CTEMF sit on the Red Bull Studio couch to discuss their lives in music and how they came to be where they are.

IMPORTANT: The #CTEMF Open End is open for anyone to attend. Its first come first serve so make sure you get in early to get a seat.

Here is the programme for the CTEMF Open End 2015:

Tuesday 3rd February 2015 at the Red Bull Studios Cape Town


14:00 When the Lights Go On

On the couch: Mike Zietsman (P.H.fat)

We chat to Mike Zietsman from P.H.fat about the bands choice of using new digital models of distributing their music while still attaining mainstream success.

15:30 Independent Music Matters

One the couch: Jason Grishkoff

Jason Grishkoff is the founder of Indie Shuffle, a successful music discovery blog that helps filter amazing music from around the world and reveal it to thousands of readers every day.

Story Tellers:

17:00 Rashid Lombard (Cape Town International Jazz Festival)

17:20 Zahira Asmal (Designing South Africa)


18:00 From The Bottom Up

On the couch: DJ Spoko, John Wizards

We chat to Spoko and John Wizards about how their unique and authentic African sound has lead to international interest and a globetrotting career.

Wednesday 4th February 2015 at the Red Bull Studios Cape Town


14:00 Live Streaming, the Sky’s the Limit

On the couch: Eben Olivier (Skyroom Live)

Eben Olivier from South Africa’s premiere live streaming platform, Skyroom Live will be providing insights into the challenges and opportunities in the new world of online live-streaming.

15:30 Africa Online

On the couch: Emma Kaye (Bozza)

We chat to Emma from Bozza.mobi will be about how the portal is providing a platform for African music, video and art and get her insights into the ever changing world of online music and video especially in regards to mobile technology.

Story Tellers:

17:00 Pops Mohamed

17:20 Roger Young


18:00 For The Record

On the couch: Anja Schneider, Ralf Kollman

Founders of pioneering house label, Mobilee Records, Anja Schneider and Ralf Kollmann, will be speaking about their experience of running a successful underground electronic music label for a decade.

Thursday 5th February 2015 at Guga S’thebe


14:00 Webster’s Dictionary Of Electronic Music

On the couch: Charles Webster

The innovative deep house and downtempo producer chats about his work over the years and why South Africa is such an amazing creative musical hub right now.

15:30 Building Bridges

On the couch: Valentino Barrioseta

Three years on and Bridges For Music has established itself worldwide as a project that is genuinely aiming create new opportunities for artists from all corners of the globe. Having done much work in South Africa, all starting in Langa three years with the CTEMF Open End, Valentino will reflect on Bridges For Music’s progress, its challenges and aspirations.

16:30 Open Music

All round musical mind and maverick thinker, Hagar Graiser will be leading an innovative workshop on Monday the 2nd of February aiming to identify some of the issues and challenges facing South Africa’s music industry through an intensive half-day session with key stake-holders from the industry. Currently doing her research in biomatrix systems theory, the session will aim at offering iterative ongoing solutions to these identified problems. On Thursday she will be chatting briefly about her work and research as well as the sessions held on the Monday.

Story Tellers:

17:00 Ian Calvert (Red Bull Amaphiko)

17:20 Ernestine Deane


18:00 Past Forward

On the couch: Four Tet

Seminal electronica artist Four Tet will reflect on his genre-defying truly unique musical works over the past two decades.

19:00 Inside the Mothership

On the couch: Octave One

Having been around and active since Techno established itself in the late 80’s, Octave One have essentially been around since the start of electronic dance music’s global takeover and will be unpacking their LIVE set up ahead of their highly anticipated closing set at CTEMF on Sunday night. 

To find out more about the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival head over to the website here: www.ctemf.com

For any queries in regards to the sessions, send an email to studio@za.redbull.com

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