CTEMF 2015 HEADLINER REVEAL – Get Involved & Win Weekend Passes!


The Cape Town Electronic Music Festival is around the corner and organisers have been kept the line-up tightly under wraps until now.

Known for their forward thinking music programme and a line-up that gets bigger and better year after year, the 2015 headliner announcement is a topic under heavy discussion and highly anticipated.

Tomorrow, on the 13th January 2014 – the wait is finally over. At 2pm, CTEMF will unveil the first set of headliners via their unique social media mechanic. Most importantly – the process needs your involvement!

Here’s how it works:

Log on to reveal.ctemf.com at 2pm, as the CTEMF Headliner Reveal page will go live. The first set of headliners for CTEMF 2015 will be hidden behind a grid of blocks.

Here’s how it works:
– Go to REVEAL.CTEMF.COM at 2pm, when the Reveal Page will go live
– The first set of headliners for CTEMF 2015 are hidden behind a grid of blocks. 
– To join the Reveal, use the site to generate an automated tweet including #CTEMF
– Or create a post on Twitter or Facebook using #CTEMF
– Post by post, all blocks will be removed, revealing the headline acts
– Dotted around the grid are gold blocks; if your hashtag hits a gold block, you win CTEMF 2015 tickets!

Fans wanting to reveal the headliners…

Simply generate an automated tweet through the microsite or create a post on Facebook or Twitter including #CTEMF.

This reveals one block on the grid, post by post all blocks will be removed, revealing the headline act.

Dotted around the grid are gold blocks; if your post hits a gold block, you win CTEMF 2015 tickets!

 CTEMF 2015 Map


Tomorrow’s announcement is the just the first of 4 days of artist announcements from CTEMF. The Festival will present a carefully curated programme of 40 acts between 6th & 8th February 2015.


Full CTEMF Dates: 3rd – 8th February 2015
Workshop and Satellite Events: 3rd – 5th February 2015
CTEMF Festival: 6th – 8th February 2015


Full weekend pass: R550
Tickets are available now through Webtickets http://bit.ly/1rRFQ5M


For over 15 years South Africa’s electronic music scene has lived in the shadow of its counterpart, the greater global scene at large. That is, until now.

From a genuinely ‘underground’ scene devoid of industry and support, it has been slowly growing and has finally caught up with the rest of the world to the point of being taken seriously (even if still not entirely understood) by more mainstream channels.

The Cape Town Electronic Music Festival (CTEMF) is the celebration of a scene coming of age. It marks the point at which the electronic music scene in South Africa has been recognized by itself and beyond as an industry that has reached the state of being self-sustainable.

The first edition of CTEMF in 2012 boasted a 100% South African line up over 3 days, creating awareness and confidence within the local scene about its own achievements.

In 2013 CTEMF presented one international guest – techno pioneer Richie Hawtin.  Globally recognized for his forward-thinking approach to making and playing electronic music, Richie Hawtin embodies relentless innovation and the development of the global electronic music movement.

The 2014 edition of CTEMF signaled the festival’s evolution from Cape Town’s electronic music festival into an internationally relevant music festival anchored in Cape Town.  With its fundamental principles still rooted in the unified growth of the South African scene, 2014 saw the line-up at CTEMF transform to reflect its global relevance.

The CTEMF is not about how many feet pass through the door, it’s not about booking the biggest acts to ensure radio play or getting as many ‘likes’ on Facebook as possible. It’s about communicating the ethos, passion and musical creativity that has driven the scene from its early days to its current position as a global player in the world of electronic music.


Heather Mennell


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